Circuit Theory

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Technical Publications, 2008 - 638 pages
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Circuit AnalysisOhm's law, Kirchhoff's laws, D.C. and A.C. circuits, Resistors in series and parallel circuits, Mesh current and node voltage method of analysis for both circuits.Network Theorems for D.C. and A.C. CircuitsThevenin's and Norton's theorem, Super position theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, Reciprocity theorem.Resonance and Coupled CircuitsSeries and parallel Resonance, Their frequency response, Quality factor and bandwidth, Self and mutual inductance, Coefficient of coupling, Tuned circuits, Single tuned circuits.Transient for D.C. CircuitsTransient response of RL, RC and RLC circuits using Laplace transform for D.C. input.Duality and TopologyConcept of duality, Dual network, Graphs of a network, Trees, Chords and branches, Tieset and cutset of a graph, Application to network analysis.

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Table of Contents
Chapter2 Single Phase A C Circuits 2 1 to 2
Chapter3 Mesh and Node Analysis for A C and D C Circuits 3 1 to 3 42
Chapter4 Network Theorems for A C and D C Circuits 41 to 4
Chapter5 Resonance 5 1 to 5
Chapter7 Transient Response for D C Circuits 7 1 to 7 74
Chapter8 Laplace Transform in Circuit Analysis 8 1 to 8
Chapter9 Network Topology and Duality 9 1 to 9
Examples with Solutions 9 37
Review Questions 979

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