Circular, Issues 151-184

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909

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Page 153 - CARRICK. Koumiss ; or, Fermented Mare's Milk : and its Uses in the Treatment and Cure of Pulmonary Consumption, and other Wasting Diseases. With an Appendix on the best Methods of Fermenting Cow's Milk. By GEORGE L.
Page 19 - States," a declaration on customs Form 3327 showing that the importer is a citizen of the United States and that the animals are imported specially for breeding purposes.
Page 2 - ... be filled without undue delay by the majority vote of the remaining members of the board. The person so chosen shall hold office until the next annual meeting or until his successor is elected and qualified. Section 4. The board of directors shall meet on the first of each month, at such hours and in such places as they may by resolution determine.
Page 24 - Milk is most conveniently pasteurized in the bottles in which it is delivered. To do this use a small pail with a perforated false bottom. An inverted pie tin with a few holes punched in it will answer this purpose. This will raise the bottles from the bottom of the pail, thus allowing a free circulation of water and preventing bumping of the bottles. Punch a hole through the cap of one of the bottles and insert a thermometer. The ordinary floating type of thermometer is likely to be inaccurate,...
Page 219 - That herds containing under 15 per cent of diseased animals be treated as coming under section 2. (c) That herds falling between these figures be graded according to the option of the owner. (d) That it shall be the prerogative of the owner to reject either plan and have his herd dealt with by removal and slaughter of diseased animals, with or without compensation, according to the public policy in operation.
Page 220 - ... owners, legislators, and the public generally, it is recommended that a widespread campaign of education be undertaken. To accomplish this end it is recommended that, first of all, a simple pamphlet on bovine tuberculosis be written, in which the language used shall be of such character that every person of average intelligence shall be able to read it without being mystified by technical terms or phrases.
Page 20 - ... shall keep cows for the production of milk in a crowded or unhealthy condition, or feed the same on food that produces impure, diseased, or unwholesome milk, or shall feed cows on distillery waste, usually called "swill...
Page 40 - In preparing the dip a large caldron or galvanized tank is required for heating the water in which to dissolve the chemicals. Thirty or forty gallons of water should be placed in the caldron or tank and brought to a boil. The amount of sodium carbonate indicated in the formula is then added and dissolved by stirring. When this is accomplished, the required amount of arsenic is added and dissolved in a similar manner. The fire is then drawn, and the solution permitted to cool to 140 degrees F., or...
Page 46 - The wooden forms should be constructed of 1-inch boards and 2 by 4 inch braces, the boards being nailed to the outside face of the braces, as shown in the drawings. The sides and end walls should be built 8 inches higher than the surface of the ground, which should be level.
Page 2 - The officers shall be elected by the board of directors from their own number by a majority vote of the whole number of directors. The first election shall be held immediately after the election of the board. Subsequent elections shall be held annually on the day of the regular meeting of the board, next ensuing after the annual election, the day to be fixed by resolution of the board of directors.

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