Circular of Information of the Bureau of Education, for ..., 第 1-3 期

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1898

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第 62 頁 - recognized the endowment in article 136. All moneys arising from the sales which have been or may hereafter be made of any lands heretofore granted by the United States to the State for the use of a seminary of learning, and from any kind of donation that may hereafter be made for the
第 13 頁 - D.. president of the' board of curators of the University of the State of Missouri. Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring out the false, ring in the true. Nunc
第 89 頁 - subsequent to the 31st of December, 1841, the remainder shall be divided among the twentysix States of the Union according to their respective Federal representative population, as ascertained by the last census, to be applied by the legislature of the said States to such purposes as the legislature may
第 89 頁 - 2. After the deduction of the ten per cent, and the salaries and expenses of the General Land Office, expenses for surveying public lands, salaries of the registers and receivers and expenses of their offices, the 5 per cent to new States of all the public lands of the United States, wherever situated, which were
第 62 頁 - of an university, to be laid off by the purchaser or purchasers as near the center as may be. so that the same shall be of good land, to be applied to the Intended
第 1 頁 - materials to support such an institution. Yet it is essential that there be one, at least for the study of the classics, of geometry, geography, pilotage. etc. There the youths of the colony would be taught the knowledge of religion, which is the basis of morality. It is but too evidently demonstrated to parents
第 17 頁 - enacted, That the said regents shall establish such a number of academies in this Territory as they may judge fit for the instruction of the youth of the female sex in the English and French languages, and in such branches of polite literature and such liberal arts and accomplishments as may be suitable to the age and sex of the pupils.
第 7 頁 - The Spanish school which has been established here at the expense of the Crown Is kept as it ought to be; but as there are others which are French and of which one alone is opened by authority and with the regular license, and as I was ignorant of the faith professed by the teachers and of
第 62 頁 - and remain a perpetual fund, the interest of which, at 6 per cent per annum, shall be appropriated to the support of a seminary of learning for the promotion of literature and the arts and sciences, and
第 7 頁 - children the' principles which they here imbibe. The education which they receive' in this institution is the cause of their being less vicious than the other sex, As to what the boys are taught in the Spanish school, it is soon forgotten. Should their