City and Sanctuary in Ancient Greece: The Theorodokia in the Peloponnese

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Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2000 - History - 327 pages
A highly detailed and specialised study of the Theorodokia, the hosts of ambassadors and the announcers of Greek festivals, and the many inscriptions which refer to them. Perlman discusses the origins and development of the Theorodokia, their symbolic and religious status and duties as well as the political and diplomatic aspects of the role. Chapters also consider the qualifiationsm, duties and appointments, the Theodokoi for Olympia, Epidaurus and many other festivals and games which drew the Greek world together. Includes a lengthy catalogue of the prosopographic evidence without English translation.

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Table of Figures
Qualifications Duties and Appointment
The Theorodokoi for Olympia
The Theorodokoi for the Nemean Games
Figure Ep Cat N 1 Comparison of Linenumbering
Figure The Poleis of Akarnania where Theorodokoi Resided Ch
The Theorodokoi for Lousoi and Hermione
Peloponnesian Theorodokoi for Festivals Celebrated
Plate Ivo 36 Ep Cat O
Plates after p
Plate IG IV 1 94 Frg a Ep Cat E

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Page 10 - God's faithfulness was shown in so many ways that it is impossible to list them all.
Page 30 - While there frequently is no discernible geographic order to the sequence of regional headings, within each regional list the entries are organized in what has come to be called an itinerary order. In all cases, some attempt was made to update the lists as is clear from the numerous rasurae, addenda (often of entire columns or parts of columns), and instances of reinscribing.
Page 32 - The most that might be deduced about a community from its appearance in a list is that it existed at the time of the list's compilation "on a scale that would justify a visit from the theoroi or at least provide them with a night's lodging."82 The function of the theorodokoi was to provide food and shelter for the theoroi during their overnight stay.
Page 33 - ... that community enjoyed a particular political status. In many instances the appointment of a theorodokos provides our only evidence for the toponym or the only suggestion that the community was a political entity. It...

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