City of Evil: The Truth about Adelaide's Strange and Violent Underbelly

Front Cover, 2011 - Crime - 395 pages
They call Adelaide the City of Churches. What they forget is that every church has a graveyard and every graveyard is full of skeletons. Welcome to Adelaide, a city where transvestite, pro-wrestling truck drivers are beheaded and dismembered by lesbian prostitutes; where husbands stab and mutilate their wives and are forgiven; where former psychiatrists transform into delusional assassins and murder their co-workers in cold blood. We trust you'll enjoy your stay. In this compelling collection of true-crime stories, award-winning journalist Sean Fewster guides the reader through the darkest excesses of the City of Churches. He goes beyond the high-profile cases you know already. These are the crimes that happen in Adelaide every week - the bizarre, the unbalanced, the warped. No crime is committed in the southern capital without a macabre twist, an uncomfortable and disconcerting surprise worthy of a splatter film or suspense thriller. Truth is stranger than fiction and these are the everyday horror stories of South Australia.

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