Civilization One: The World is Not as You Thought it was

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Watkins, 2004 - History - 258 pages
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This is the amazing story of how a quest to try to crack the mystery of the Megalithic Yard - an ancient unit of linear measurement - led to the discovery of compelling evidence pointing to the existence of an unknown, highly advanced culture which was the precursor to the earliest known civilizations such as the Sumerians and the Egyptians. There must have been a Civilization One. Knight and Butler reveal the secrets of an extraordinary integrated measuring system which might have been lost to the world for ever. It was a system, far more advanced than anything used today, which forms the basis of both the Imperial and Metric measure systems! These ancient scientists understood the dimensions, motions and relationships of the Earth, Moon and Sun - they measured the solar system and even understood how the speed of light was integrated into the movements of our planet. Their conclusions fly in the face of everything that we thought we knew about the origins of the modern world - but the evidence is incontrovertible.
And the implications of these revelations go far beyond the fascination of the discovery of a 'super-science' of prehistory; they indicate a grand plan which will have far reaching theological ramifications!

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Poor reviews are completely expected for this book. They almost predict it.
When attempting to change the view of the ignorant, you are bound to hit obstacles. The bad reviews are from people who
either didn't even finish the book, didn't understand it, or are simply determined to disregard its findings probably due to religion, or other outdated concepts.
This book is unbelievably easy to follow &, for people with open minds & independent thoughts, it will blow your mind.
These amazing authors, who also gave us 'Who Built The Moon' & 'Before The Pyramids', stand almost alone in their findings from their impartial search of the truth. It is not opinion, it is countless calculations & rigorous research, carried out in an impartial, scientific way. The best part is that it can be corroborated by the reader. All they needed to use, to produce this outstanding piece of work, was the most common of understood measurements & dimensions.
If you want to learn. If you want to know deeper truths. This is the best place to start. It is such an important part of the puzzle to give us the real picture of humanity through hundreds, or thousands, of years of lies & deception.

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I don't really know what to make of this book. I think that there may be a legitimate case behind the thesis, but the authors do such a bad job that I couldn't even finish the book!
It is evident
from the outset that this book is written by authors who have no relevant credentials, and this is troubling. None of them have anything pertaining to knowledge in archaeology, ancient history or the like, and it shows! They try very hard to put on a scientific `face', but in the end it turns out to be a very amateurish effort.
As the saying goes `extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence', and it is here that they fail. The evidence that they have may be credible in it self, but the authors do such a bad job in relating it that it all seems a bit dubious. I also found that the all-important references (which are critical if it's to be considered scientific) were few and far between, which is not good for a book that is marketed as something revolutionary. I'd like to believe that their thesis is right, but they just didn't convince me.
This could have been a great book, but unfortunately it fails on many levels.
1 stars.

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Christopher Knight invested seven years conducting research into the origins of Freemasonic rituals. His first book, The Hiram Key (1996), co-authored with Robert Lomas, became an instant bestseller and has since been translated into 37 languages selling over a million copies worldwide. Alan Butler, an engineer, but fascinated by history, also became an expert in astrology and astronomy. He has researched ancient cultures, pagan beliefs and comparative religion and has published four successful books the Knights Templar and the Grail legend.

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