Clarissa: A Novel, Volume 2

Tinsley brothers, 1868

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Pagina 16 - The wise and active conquer difficulties, By daring to attempt them. Sloth and folly Shiver and shrink at sight of toil and hazard, And make th
Pagina 339 - A horrid hole of a house, in an alley they call a court; stairs wretchedly narrow, even to the first-floor room: and into a den they led me, with broken walls, which had been papered, as I saw by a multitude of tacks, and some torn bits held on by the rusty heads. The floor indeed was clean, but the ceiling was smoked with variety of figures, and initials of names, that had been the...
Pagina 182 - I did not know what to say first — and thought, and grief, and confusion, and (0 my poor head !) I cannot tell what — and thought, and grief, and confusion, came crowding so thick upon me ; one would be first, another would be first, all would be first ; so I can write nothing at all. — Only that, whatever they have done to me, I cannot tell ; but I am no longer what I was in any one thing.
Pagina 369 - ... prisoner now in a vile house. I am not now in the power of that man's devices. I am not now obliged to hide myself in corners for fear of him. One of his intimate companions is become my warm friend, and engages to keep him from me, and that by his own consent. I am among honest people. I have all my clothes and effects restored to me. The wretch himself bears testimony to my honour. Indeed I am very weak and ill: but I have an excellent physician, Dr.
Pagina 170 - O the poor Clarissa Harlowe! She tore off her head-clothes; inquired where I was: and in she came, her shining tresses flowing about her neck; her ruffles torn, and hanging in tatters about her snowy hands; with her arms spread out; her eyes wildly turned, as if starting from their orbits. Down sunk she at my feet, as soon as she approached me; her charming bosom heaving to her uplifted face; and clasping her arms about my knees, Dear Lovelace...

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