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Page 547 - Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects Tahlr Hamadini uryan, B. Lament. . .Persian teit... tr. ..Heron-Alli-n. L. 1902 2476.84.1902 2477 Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Baluci, Grammar 2478 Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Baluci, Grammar, Literature 2479 Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Kurdish, Grammar Jaba, A. Dii tliimiain- Kurde-Frnntals. St. Pet. 187
Page 543 - Tokyo [etc. ] 101« 2403.804 2404 Languages, New Indian, Collected Texts 2405 Languages, New Indian, Collected Translations 2406 Languages, New Indian, Assamese 2407 Languages, New Indian, Baugah, General bible. NT Bengali. (New Testament; tr. Into Bengali by JV KllcrUm. Calcutta. 18111) .. .2407.177.181
Page 508 - Languages, Dravidian. Telugu, Grammar 2124 Languages, Dravidian. Telugu, Lexicography 2125 Languages, Dravidian, Teelugu, Literary History 2126 Languages, Dravidian, Telugu, Collected Texts 2127 Languages, Dravidiau, Telugu, Collected Translations 2129 'Language's.
Page 508 - Malayo-Polynesian and Hamitic languages 2100 Languages. DRAVIDIAN, Periodicals and Transactions 2101 Languages. Dravidian, Collections 2102 Languages, Dravidian, Collected Works' 2103 Languages, Dravidian, General Burnell, AC ~KI nils uf South Indian pllaeocranhy.
Page 540 - Upanishads 2347 Languages. Sanskrit, Veda, Sama Veda, Sutras 2348 Languages, Sanskrit, Veda, Black Yajur Veda, Brahmanas 2349 Languages, Sanskrit, Veda, Black Yajur Yeda, Aranyakas 2350 Languages, Sanskrit, Veda, Black Yajur Yeda, Upanishads Vedas.
Page 547 - Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Kurdish, Grammar, Literature ¿ikaz, H. romp Knrdlsrhe Studien. Heidelberg. 1900 Ш-2480.6Н Prym.E.comp.ed.ft tr. Kurdische »animlnngen. . .hrSjt.r.Prym it. Sorln. Ht.Pet. 1887. 2v Br2480.739 2481 Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Pusto, Grammar 2482 'Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Pusto, Grammar, Dialects 2483 Languages, Modern Persian, Dialects, Ossetian Hübschmann.
Page 545 - Languages, Middle Persian, Literature, Sil-Z See Tables 2452 Languages, Middle Persian, Literature, Modern Parsi Literature 2453 Languages, Modern Persian, General Mulgownof. (i. IVMI. mir le» dialecte« do Mazairfrnn [Тешртгагу x\ng] Hr24.">3.<!31 2454 Languages, Modern Persian, Grammar Barb, HA . eber de» Organismus des persischen verbuuis.
Page 548 - Hr2487.iaa 2488 Languages, Armenian, Collected Inscriptions 2489 Languages, Armenian, Collected Texts 2490 Languages, Armenian, Collected Translations 2491 Languages, Armenian, Literature, Individuals Bible.
Page 544 - Languages, New Indian, Marathi, General 2418 "Languages, New Indian, Marathi, Dialects 2419 Languages, New Indian, Parijabi and Naipati Bible.
Page 509 - Toda 2131 Languages, Dravidian, Tulu 2132 Languages, Dravidian, Minor Dialects 2133 'Languages, Kolarian 2134 'Languages, Lepcha 2135 'Languages, Khasi L'13(i Languages.

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