Classical Olbia and the Scythian World: From the Sixth Century BC to the Second Century AD

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David Braund, S D Kryzhitskiy
OUP/British Academy, 29. 11. 2007 - Počet stran: 224
The study of Olbia has always been set apart through the outstanding results of its excavations and the splendour of individual finds there. This volume focuses on the interaction of the city of Olbia and the population around it, embracing both the Scythian and the classical worlds. Chapters consider the progress of archaeology at Olbia, Herodotus' account of Olbia and its environs, interaction between Greeks and non-Greeks, and Olbia's situation under the early Roman Empire. Offering the opportunity to engage with some of the most pressing current issues in this field, this volume will be essential reading for scholars and students engaged with the ancient history and archaeology of the Black Sea.

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