Classics Alive!, Book 3: Late Intermediate Works by 13 Important Composers of Standard Teaching Literature

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This book offers teachers and students a wide selection of literature to help pace musical and technical development evenly and with ease. The book presents appropriate teaching literature by 14 composers who wrote inspirationally for the intermediate student. The pieces in this book are primarily from Levels 7 and 8, according to Jane Magrath’s The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature. Titles include: Prelude in D Minor, BWV 926 (J. S. Bach)
*Prelude in D Minor, BWV 940 (J. S. Bach)
*Sonata in F Major, K. 78 (Scarlatti)
*Sonata in G Major, K. 391 (Scarlatti)
*Sonata in C Major, K. 309 (Scarlatti)
*Sonata in A Minor, K. 149 (Scarlatti)
*Viennese Sonatina No. 1 in C Major (1st movement) (Mozart)
*Viennese Sonatina No. 2 in A Major (1st movement) (Mozart)
*Viennese Sonatina No. 6 in C Major (1st and 3rd movements) (Mozart)
* Sonatina in G Major, Hob. XVI: 8 (1st movement) (Haydn)
*Sonatina in F Major, Hob. XVI: 9 (1st movement) (Haydn)
*Sonatina in C Major, Hob. XVI: 10 (1st movement) (Haydn)
*Bagatelle in G Minor, Op. 119, No. 1 (Beethoven)
*Bagatelle in D Major, Op. 119, No. 3 (Beethoven)
* Bagatelle in A Minor, Op. 119, No. 9 (Beethoven)
*German Dance in D Major, D. 783, No. 2 (Schubert)
*Waltz in B Minor, D. 145, No. 6 (Schubert)
*Waltz in A-flat Major, D. 365, No. 2 (Schubert)
*Two Ecossaises, D. 421, Nos. 1 and 2 (Schubert)
*Album leaf in F-sharp Minor, Op. 99, No. 4 (Schumann)
*From Foreign Lands and Places, Op. 15, No. 1 (Schumann)
*Mignon, Op. 68, No. 35 (Schumann)
*Important Event, Op. 15, No. 6 (Schumann)
*Prelude in A Major, Op. 28, No. 7 (Chopin)
*Mazurka in F Major, Op. 68, No. 3 (Chopin)
*Mazurka in G Minor, Op. 67, No. 2 (Chopin)
*Mazurka in G Major, Op. Post (Chopin)
*Mazurka in B-flat Major, Op. Post (Chopin)
*Song of the Cowherd, Op. 17, No. 22 (Grieg)
*Waltz, Op. 38, No. 7 (Grieg)
*Norwegian Melody, Op. 12, No. 6 (Grieg)
*The Little Shepherd (Debussy)
*Album Leaf (Debussy)
*Braul (Bartok)
*Buciumeana (Bartok)
*The Farewell, Op. 21, No. 3 (Borkiewicz)
*Venice, Op. 21, No. 7 (Borkiewicz)
*Pierrot's Serenade (Martinu)
*Columbine Remembers (Martinu)
*Prelude (Fragment) (Gershwin)
*Merry Andrew (Gershwin)
*Promenade (Walking the Dog) (Gershwin).

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