Classification: Outline Scheme of Classes. Preliminary, December, 1909, Volume 1

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - Classification, Library of Congress - 44 pages
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Page 24 - RZ Miscellaneous schools and arts S Agriculture. Plant and Animal Industry General agriculture, soils, fertilizers, farm implements, etc. SB General plant culture, including field crops. Horticulture. Landscape gardening and parks. Pests and diseases. SD Forestry SF Animal husbandry. Veterinary medicine Fish culture and fisheries, Angling.
Page 7 - AC Collections. Series. Collected works AE Encyclopedias AG General reference works (other than encyclopedias) AI Indexes AM Museums 200-275.
Page 9 - Biography Biography, collective and individual, illustrative of any subject provided for in BZ, is classified with that subject, as far as practicable. 93- 205 Collections (General. Universal) Classified by language 210-3150 National biography 3200-3830 Biography of women 9960-9998 Miscellaneous groups: Impostors, cripples, etc.
Page 22 - GB.GC 351-499 Mineralogy and petrology 701-999 Paleontology Natural history 201-299 Microscopy 301-999 General biology Botany Zoology 801—999 General anatomy and embryology Human anatomy Physiology Bacteriology Location Southeast 34 Periodicals In Smithsonian R MEDICINE Clan R Medicine.
Page 21 - General works Hamitic Semitic PK Indo-Iranian Armenian Caucasian PL Languages of Eastern Asia, Oceania, Africa PM Hyperborean languages American languages PN-PV LITERARY HISTORY. LITERATURE PZ Fiction Q SCIENCE. General QA Mathematics 801—999 Analytic mechanics QB Astronomy 281—349 Geodesy QC Physics 81—119 Weights and measures 801—999 Terrestrial magnetism and meteorology QD Chemistry 901-999 Crystallography QE Geology cf.
Page 25 - TS TT TX TECHNOLOGY Technology. General ENGINEERING AND BUILDING GROUP Engineering — General. Civil engineering Hydraulic engineering (harbors, rivers, canals) Sanitary and municipal engineering Roads and pavements Railroads Bridges and roofs Building construction !>1 11-960C.
Page 14 - SOCIOLOGY Sociology. General and theoretical Social history. Social reform Social groups Family, marriage, woman Associations. Secret societies, clubs, etc. Communities. Urban. Rural Classes. Aristocracy. Third estate, bourgeoisie, peasantry.
Page 8 - AY Year-books. Almanacs AZ General history of knowledge and learning B Philosophy. Religion BJ Philosophy B Collections. History. Systems BC Logic BD Metaphysics Introductions to Philosophy.
Page 15 - ... clubs, etc. HT Communities. Classes. Races HV Social pathology. Philanthropy. Charities and corrections HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism. Bolshevism POLITICAL SCIENCE J Documents 1 — 9 Official gazettes General serial documents not classified by subject 10 — 99 United States 100—981 Foreign JA General works JC Theory of the State Constitutional History and Administration JF General JK United States JL British America. Latin America JN Europe JQ Asia, Africa, Australia, and Pacific Islands...
Page 10 - Scandinavia 1- 81 Scandinavia. General • 101-296 Denmark 301-398 Iceland 401-595 Norway 601-996 Sweden Spain and Portugal 1-462 Spain 500-902 Portugal Switzerland Turkey and the Balkan states Asia Africa Australia and Oceania...

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