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The Bureau, 1891 - Classification
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The Library Bureau was started in 1976 by Melvil Dewey. The catalog is classed, though not by the Dewey Decimal system, and uses Dewey's simplified spelling.

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Page 168 - Hudson's Expurgated Shakespeare. For Schools, Clubs, and Families. Revised and enlarged Editions of twenty-three Plays. Carefully expurgated, with explanatory Notes at the bottom of the page, and Critical Notes at the end of each volume. By HN HUDSON, LL.D., Editor of The Harvard Shakespeare.
Page 99 - Fig. 1 represents this file filled with papers. Fig. 2 shows about the usual condition of papers in many other styles of files in which pins or spurs are depended on for holding the papers in position. Fig. 3 is a diagram showing the end of the file and the group of seven small rods surrounding the central rod, each small rod holding one paper. Without threads, needles, spurs or metal strips this file binds securely, holds the papers consecutively, and is one of the simplest files manufactured. No.
Page 151 - Fountain Pen gives the greatest satisfaction." From Rev. GEO. F. PENTECOST, DD, Brooklyn, NY " I have used your Ideal Pen, as you know, from the very first. I have tried almost if not quite all on the market, and my judgment is that it is out of the reach of comparison with any other. I have four of them in constant use." From NOAH BROOKS, Editor Newark Daily Advertiser, Newark, NJ " A year's assiduous work with the pen, testing it in various ways, has proved to me that your ' Ideal ' is the only...
Page 168 - National Academy of Sciences : " I know no better book (not to say as good a one) for its purpose on the subject.
Page 70 - Brace is a plate of wood 8 cm wide, 1 cm thick, and 17 or 26cm long, of beech, with edges rounded and surfaces nicely finished, so that nothing can injure the finest binding. A fine steel spring, attached by screws and nuts in a slot, is adjusted so that the length from tip of spring to foot of brace is just one-half inch more than the space between shelves where it is to be used.
Page 165 - Your methods and facilities for doing business, as I have examined them here as well as at the Leipzig and London ends, seem to me admirably progressive and thoroughly live. I deal with you because I judge it for the advantage of this library to do so. If I did not, I should not. Up to date I am unable to find a method which is, all things included, so economical of time and money as dealing through you.
Page 168 - With Illustrations. Large crown 8vo. , cloth, IDS. 6d. Thayer— THE BEST ELIZABETHAN PLAYS. Edited, with an Introduction, by WILLIAM R. THAYER. 612 pages, large crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.
Page 168 - Shelley's Defense of Poetry. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by ALBERT S. COOK, Professor of English in Yale University. 12mo. Cloth. xxvi + 86 pages. Price by mail, 60 cents; for introduction, 50 cents.
Page 71 - I2j4x2ox)4 cm (Sx10x^ in.), and when filled out gives the description of the book, and forms a permanent record of its actual location. The reason for its removal is shown by underlining on the slip the printed sentence which applies in the particular case. Price, $5.00 per 100. Class Book Vols. Size...

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