Clear Channel: A Guide for the Newly Awakening

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Balboa Press, Aug 1, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 220 pages

You are experiencing phenomena you can’t explain: You know the phone is going to ring before it does. You feel a friend’s emotions as you stand close by. You awaken at the same time every night, feeling like you need to do something—but what? You see a glow around people. You sense a presence in the room, but can’t see anyone. You feel warmth in your hand as you rest it on your sick friend’s shoulder. You become restless because of a growing feeling that there is something you came to this life to do—a divine purpose—what is it? You see people who have died and it frightens you.
Are you alone in your experiences? Are you imagining things? Worse yet, are you going crazy?
In Clear Channel: A Guide for the Newly Awakening, Wendy Joy uses personal experiences to help the reader navigate their own spiritual awakening. She explains these phenomena and more and provides techniques to ease the reader’s journey.

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