Climbing the Ladder of Business Intelligence: Happy about Creating Excellence Through Enabled Intuition

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The goal of Climbing the Ladder of Business Intelligence is to introduce an intelligence framework that builds a foundation for success. The Ladder is really a Ladder of Business Intelligence (LOBI) that aims to create intelligent organizations in which technology systems are designed to support success.

Problems: Good decision making is rare in the business world In 2005, an estimated $150 billion was spent on IT systems that were either canceled or suffered cost overruns There is a great waste of human and artificial intelligence in the majority of companies All this means that most businesses are not operating anywhere near their capacity

There are successful companies that do operate intelligently - that make good decisions, don't waste resources and make smart use of IT.

Our goal in this book is to introduce a framework that builds a foundation for success. We will demonstrate how to use this framework to enable skillful use of technology and better use of human intelligence. Each step up the Ladder creates a more intelligent organization, one that is able to operate smarter and faster.

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