Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Acute and Critical Care, Second Edition: A Thinking-in-Action Approach

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2011 AJN Book of the Year Winner in Critical Care--Emergency Nursing!

[This book is] a lavishly detailed guide to the essence of becoming an expert nurse...I believe this book will secure a place on most educators' and expert clinicians' bookshelves. Every once in a while a better book comes along; this is one of those times.

From the foreword by Joan E. Lynaugh, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

A classic research-based text in nursing practice and education, this newly revised second edition explains, through first-hand accounts of the hard-earned experiential wisdom of expert nurses, the clinical reasoning skills necessary for top-tier nursing in acute and critical settings. It provides not only the most current knowledge and practice innovations, but also reflects the authors' vast experience using the first edition in practice and educational settings.

This updated edition includes new interviews from acute care, critical care, perioperative nurses, and more. Attention is paid to current IOM and nursing guidelines for systems approaches to patient safety, with education and leadership implications described throughout. It is an essential resource for undergraduate and graduate nursing educators, students, administrators, and managers seeking to improve systems of care and leadership in clinical practice.

Key Features

  • Articulates major areas of knowledge and skill in acute, critical care, and perioperative nursing practice
  • Provides vivid, first-hand accounts of hard-earned wisdom that facilitate clinical imagination, reflection, and lifelong learning
  • Assists faculty, educators, APNs, and mentors in teaching nurses how to recognize recurring clinical syndromes and patterns
  • Bridges the gap from theory to practice in dynamic patient care situations
  • Embraces the complexity of caring for the critically ill and their families


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Chapter 1 ThinkinginAction and ReasoninginTransitions An Overview
Chapter 2 Clinical Grasp and Clinical Inquiry Problem Identification and Clinical Problem Solving
Chapter 3 Clinical Imagination and Clinical Forethought Anticipating and Preventing Potential Problems
Chapter 4 Diagnosing and Managing LifeSustaining Physiologic Functions in Acute Ill and Unstable Patients
Chapter 5 The Skilled KnowHow of Managing a Crisis
Chapter 6 Providing Comfort Measures for the Critically and Acutely Ill
Chapter 7 Caring for Patients Families
Chapter 8 Preventing Hazards in a Technological Environment
Chapter 10 Making a Case Communicating Clinical Assessments and Improving Teamwork
Chapter 11 Patient Safety Monitoring Quality Preventing and Managing Practice Breakdown
Chapter 12 The Skilled KnowHow of Clinical and Moral Leadership and the Coaching and Mentoring of Others
Chapter 13 Educational Strategies and Implications

Chapter 9 Facing Death EndofLife Care and Decision Making

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