Clinical memoranda for general practitioners

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Wood, 1909 - 207 pages

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Page 66 - method is to multiply the last two figures of the specific gravity by the number of ounces of urine passed in twenty-four hours, and
Page 83 - and ending on the inner side of the foot about its middle, just under the plantar arch. The second strip is applied vertically, and passes from the junction of the middle with the lower third of the
Page 142 - or take milk, a dose of an alkaline medicine, or some form of food, as soon as the uneasiness develops. " In several cases upon which I have operated, the pain has been more severe than this—has been, in fact, indistinguishable from a mild form of hepatic colic; the patient describes the pain which comes constantly
Page 175 - There is no surer nor more deserving road to success in practice than a sound knowledge of those ailments with which the various classes of diuretics are associated, and the man who knows when a vascular diuretic is to be preferred to one of the other class has a decided advantage over the man
Page 143 - often better than normal, if stenosis has not developed. It is not unusual for a patient to say, ' I've a good appetite; I can take anything, and I never vomit.' If he has given a history of pain, as I have described it, one may be confident that he has duodenal ulcer, without stenosis. Investigation by
Page 144 - by the following definite characters : (a) Sudden intestinal haemorrhage in an apparently healthy person, which tends to recur and produce a profound anaemia;
Page 4 - is situated about midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the umbilicus;
Page 144 - coming on two or three hours after eating; (c) gastric crises of extreme violence, during which the haemorrhage is more apt to
Page 106 - and laid with the most prominent part of the calf on the right knee of the surgeon. The ankle is then firmly grasped with the left hand, and the condyles of the femur with the right. The thigh is then abducted for thyroid
Page 116 - limbs on the opposite side of the body to that on which the pupil is

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