Cloning White Men

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Richard C. Lulay, Sep 1, 2008 - Fiction - 248 pages
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Two stories, one in the past and one in the future: All White Men are Going to Hell--Is there sympathy for the White man--the Devil? Along with being haunted by a false allegation of rape, graduate student David Harris finds his ethnicity and sex to be politically incorrect with his professor and peers. Thank God he has his friend Shakey, a Pueblo Indian, for advice, solace and beer. But, fast living against the 1990s dogma of Marxist feminism may be more than Harris can handle. Clone Medusa--A sexually abused clone murders her owners and flees to the streets, where she meets a university student who promises love but is only interested in furthering a terrorist agenda. In a time when America has no apologies for being an empire or for committing inhumane acts of bio-genetic research, radical left and right ideologies clash in an odd chain of events that bring apocalyptic results.

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This book is the best!!!!! Mr Lulay is my English teacher and I must say he is a very interesting character and this book shows EXACTLY how he is and how he teaches. I actually didn't read the book because I'm 13 and broke but hey if you want to read about this type of stuff go ahead. It kinda seems boring not gonna lie and white men have been favored for all of eternity so the title doesn't make sense but read this and give this guy money because I think he needs money he always talks about in class how he isn't rich and isn't stereotypical white guy and how he was in the army for a long long time and he has been through super hard stuff. point is you don't even have to read it just give him money. 

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