Close Is Not a Four Letter Word!

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Visually look at the word CLOSE. Now drop the first letter and what do you have? LOSE. And LOSE is a four letter word! C.L.O.S.E. is an acronym with five essential ingredients necessary for every sales call in order to truly explode one's potential. If one of the ingredients is left out, then you are more likely to LOSE than CLOSE the sale! * * * "Most people are looking for the secret to sales. There is no secret, but Michael couldn't make it easier for anyone to close more business. The book was easy to read and more importantly, easy to implement." Brian Parsley, "As a Closing how-to, this book offers a refreshing and relatable perspective on building and improving closing skills at any level. By putting these theories to work for you, you are improving your ability to close and therefore, improving your business." Trevor Johnson, Sales Recruiter - "FINALLY...someone has explained the art of "relationship selling" in an easy and fast way to read and comprehend. A must read for anyone in the sales industry; no matter what product or service you are selling!!! I have applied Michael's advice in my job; the results are noticeable and rewarding." Author's Mother (Thanks, Mom!)

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