Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud

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"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", Apr 1, 2009 - Computers - 208 pages

If you're involved in planning IT infrastructure as a network or system architect, system administrator, or developer, this book will help you adapt your skills to work with these highly scalable, highly redundant infrastructure services.

While analysts hotly debate the advantages and risks of cloud computing, IT staff and programmers are left to determine whether and how to put their applications into these virtualized services. Cloud Application Architectures provides answers -- and critical guidance -- on issues of cost, availability, performance, scaling, privacy, and security.

With Cloud Application Architectures, you will:

  • Understand the differences between traditional deployment and cloud computing
  • Determine whether moving existing applications to the cloud makes technical and business sense
  • Analyze and compare the long-term costs of cloud services, traditional hosting, and owning dedicated servers
  • Learn how to build a transactional web application for the cloud or migrate one to it
  • Understand how the cloud helps you better prepare for disaster recovery
  • Change your perspective on application scaling

To provide realistic examples of the book's principles in action, the author delves into some of the choices and operations available on Amazon Web Services, and includes high-level summaries of several of the other services available on the market today.

Cloud Application Architectures provides best practices that apply to every available cloud service. Learn how to make the transition to the cloud and prepare your web applications to succeed.


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Very narrow in focus (Amazon centric) and doesn't cover all the practical considerations of cloud implementation.
Good in its time but there are much better books on clouds available now.
-- Paul

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I was disappointed after reading the book. Not because the book was badly written or contained errors (except for two missing images). It was for what the book did not contain.
If you are looking
for knowledge about how to move existing systems to the cloud and especially manager level information about costs, complexity, etc. this book is for you.
If you are looking for what the new cloud architecture can bring that was not possible before. You will be deeply disappointed. This book is like the first television shows: "One camera was used to film a teatre play". No lessons on how you should use distributed computational/data grids or messaging systems, alternative architecture ideas, etc. Cloud computing is more than putting a mysql cluster and jboss cluster on a rented farm of computers. No Google architecture techniques (Bigtable, map reduce), no Amazon behind the scenes tricks (Dynamo), no great ideas for new business models, etc. Just pure how do I move my existing web application to Amazon.


Chapter 1 Cloud Computing
Chapter 2 Amazon Cloud Computing
Chapter 3 Before the Move into the Cloud
Chapter 4 Ready for the Cloud
Chapter 5 Security
Chapter 6 Disaster Recovery
Chapter 7 Scaling a Cloud Infrastructure
Appendix A Amazon Web Services Reference
Appendix B GoGrid
Appendix C Rackspace

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