Co-Peration and Charles Gide

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Read Books, 2008 - Business & Economics - 184 pages
CO-OPERATION AND CHARLES GIDE by KARL WALTER. Contents include: MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF COOPERATION, INTRODUCTION CHARLES GIDE: HIS LIFE AND TEACHING, CHARLES GIDE 1847-1932, CHARLES GIDE ECONOMIST AND SOCIOLOGIST, CHARLES GIDE FOUNDER OF THE DOCTRINE OF CONSUMERS COOPERATION, MEMORIES OF CHARLES GIDE, CHARLES GIDE AND AGRICULTURAL COOPERATION, PAPERS OF THE PARIS MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF CO-OPERATION, THE UNIVERSITIES SERVICES TO COOPERATION, RELATIONS BETWEEN PRODUCERS AND CONSUMERS, COOPERATIVE FINANCE IN CAPITALIST ECONOMY, COOPERATIVE METHODS IN TROPICAL COUNTRIES, INDEX. INTRODUCTION By KARL WALTER The Horace Plunkett Foundation: BOTH the personality and the teaching of Charles Gide have such attractive qualities that it should be sufficient to make them more widely known to English readers for him to take, in our esteem also, the high position which he holds in that discriminating section of European culture represented by the authors of this volume. To many cooperators and economists in the Englishspeaking world his name and doctrine are familiar, and his peculiar position in the world of social and economic thought is well illustrated by the fact that he does thus form a link, however remote, where links are only too few, between the academic mind and the practical demonstration of new economic laws which the Cooperative movement embodies. We have had nobody like him in England. No English economist has broken away as he did from the traditional school and, with data scrupulously collected year by year and doctrine developed in lecture after lecture, established a living body of knowledge and theory from which can be drawn not only instruction of unusual clarity and personal originality, but insight and courage in the face of present economic perplexities. Nor has our own Cooperative movement, though it overshadows that of France in material achievement, produced in our time any such acaderofc or even propagandist champion as was Gide. The movement has had its distinguished interpreters and spokesmen, and chief among them Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Webb, whose first exposition of the practice and theory of Cooperation was contemporary with that of Gide and owed nothing to it. But in their mind, and that of other English writers, Cooperation never struck root as an economic tree of knowledge which could flourish alone or supreme in the garden of political economy its roots and branches......."

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