Coastal Engineering 2006: Proceedings of the 30th International Conference : San Diego, California, USA, 3-8 September 2006, Volume 5

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World Scientific, 2007 - Coastal engineering - 5324 pages
Coastal structures. Fully nonlinear water wave interaction with immersed tunnel and seabed foundation / Dong-Soo Hur ... [et al.]. A new international standard for 'actions from waves and currents on coastal structures' / Alf Tøorum ... [et al.]. Reflection and transmission of regular waves by multiple-row curtainwall-pile breakwaters / Kyung-Duck Suh and Chang-Hwan Ji. Wave reflection and wave run-up at rubble mound breakwaters / Markus Muttray, Hocine Oumeraci and Erik ten Oever. Study of reflection of perforated vertical breakwaters / Joaquin M. Garrido and Josep R. Medina. Wave reflection from coastal structures / Barbara Zanuttigh and Jentsje W. van der Meer. Transmission and reflection of modular detached breakwaters / Josep R. Medina, Juan J. Muñoz-Perez and Gregorio Gómez-Pina. Resolving transformed wave directions near coastal structures / Torstein Pedersen, Judah Goldberg and Atle Lohrmann. Wave Set-up induced flow in seawater exchange structures with blockwork mounds / Yoshihiro Ohmura. Numerical and experimental investigation of wave interaction with overtopped vertical breakwaters / Javier L. Lara ... [et al.]. Highly accurate prediction of the transformation of multi-directional waves reflected from coastal structures / Changhoon Lee ... [et al.]. Scale effects in rubble mound breakwaters considering wave energy balance / Damiano Scarcella ... [et al.]. The interaction of breaking solitary waves with an armored bottom / Catherine Petroff and Fredric Raichlen. Group interaction effects of slender cylinders under wave attack / Uwe Sparboom, A. Hildebrandt and Hocine Oumeraci. Wave loads fragility of suspended deck structures / Giorgio Lupoi and Giovanni Cuomo. Environmental loads design criteria for nearshore structures / Dov S. Rosen and Avigdor Kaplan. Laboratory measurements of wave forces on heavily overtopped vertical wall / Steven A. Hughes ... [et al.]. New prediction method for wave-in-deck loads on exposed piers/jetties/bridges / William Allsop, Giovanni Cuomo and Matteo Tirindelli. Water wave impact on walls and the role of air / D. Howell Peregrine ... [et al.]. Numerical analysis of time-changing wave force acting on drifting rigid structure with solid-gas-liquid phase flow model / Koji Kawasaki and Mitsuya Hakamata. Effect of breaker types on breaking wave loads on a slender vertical and inclined pile / Kai Irschik, Hocine Oumeraci and A. Kortenhaus. Numerical model for wave-induced residual pore pressure in a porous seabed around the head of a breakwater / Dong-Sheng Jeng and Jian Li. Field observations and numerical simulations for the response properties of pore water pressures in the seabed beneath a composite breakwater / Tomotsuka Takayama ... [et al.]. Development of residual pore pressure in the sand bed beneath a Caisson breakwater / Matthias Kudella and Hocine Oumeraci. A comparison of overtopping performance of different rubble mound breakwater armour / Tom Bruce ... [et al.]. Wave transformation, impact, and overtopping on a rubble mound breakwater : large scale measurements and numerical modeling / Sungwon Shin ... [et al.]. Wave overtopping of rubble mound breakwaters with crest elements / E. Martijn ... [et al.]. Overtopping of rubble mound breakwaters with front reservoir / H. F. Burcharth and T. Lykke Andersen. Laboratory investigation on wave overtopping of composite breakwaters : the port of civitavecchia case / Marcello Di-Risio, Gian-Mario Beltrami and Paolo De-Girolamo. Overtopping and transmission : an interpretation of spectral change at low crested rubble-mound structures / Alberto Lamberti, Barbara Zanuttigh and Luca Martinelli. Spatial distribution of wave overtopping along seawall in multidirectional waves / Yoshiharu Matsumi, Ken-ichi Ohno and Akira Kimura. The wave overtopping simulator / Jentsje W. van der Meer ... [et al.]. Irregular wave runup and overtopping on revetments and cobble beaches / Francisco Javier de los Santos, Nobuhisa Kobayashi and Miguel Ángel Losada. Reduction of wave overtopping at seadikes : Stilling Wave Basin (SWB) / Jimmy Geeraerts ... [et al.]. Effect of wind on water spray and wave overtopping generated above flaring shaped seawall / Yuji Kamikubo ... [et al.]. Wave overtopping at vertical seawalls : field and laboratory measurements of spatial distributions / Tim Pullen, William Allsop and Tom Bruce. Vertical distribution of wave overtopping for design of multi level overtopping based wave energy converters / Jens Peter Kofoed. Prediction of wave overtopping on coastal structures by using extended Boussinesq and SPH models / Eun-Sug Lee ... [et al.]. Irregular wave overtopping at vertical walls - learning from regular wave tests / Karl-Friedrich Daemrich ... [et al.]. Conversion ratio of wind velocity from prototype to experimental model on wave-overtopping / Masaru Yamashiro ... [et al.]. The role of wind in wave runup and overtopping of coastal structures / Jose A. González-Escrivá. Numerical and experimental study of new breakwater promoting vertical circulation flow / Toru Endo and Takaaki Shigematsu. Development of water exchangeable breakwater using vertical walls with small aperture / Yasuhiro Kasai ... [et al.]. Fully reinforced 80T dolos and sloping top caisson in Hososhima Port / Minora Hanzawa ... [et al.]. Weight and stability assessment of single layers of orderly placed or pitched natural rock / Nisa Nurmohamed, Gosse Jan Steendam and Jentsje W. van der Meer. The effect of foreshore slope on breakwater stability / Henk Jan Verhagen, Bas Reedijk and Markus Muttray. Theoretical and experimental study on the placement of Xbloc armour units / Erik ten Oever ... [et al.]. Optimizing breakwater design / Roberto Minguez ... [et al.]. Reconstruction of Port Oriel Breakwater - first Xbloc application in Europe / Arnoud van den Berge ... [et al.]. Keystone Harbor, WA : coastal engineering for design of new ferry terminal / Matteo Tirindelli ... [et al.]. Effect of sea level rise on sliding distance of a caisson breakwater - optimization with probabilistic design method / Akio Okayasu and Kazuhiko Sakai. Confirmation of sliding stability on long footing caisson by numerical simulation and irregular wave experiment / Keiji Esaki, Tomotsuka Takayama and Tomohiro Yasuda. Computational reproduction of caisson sliding failure due to Typhoon Tokage / Tae-Min Kim ... [et al.]. Resonance of fluid in narrow joint gaps of caisson-type seawall / Takehisa Saitoh, Guoping Miao and Hajime Ishida. Wave transmission at low-crested structures using neural networks / Reinoud P. van Oosten ... [et al.]. Irregular wave transformation over deforming submerged breakwater / Takao Ota, Nobuhisa Kobayashi and Akira Kimura. Piling-up and filtration at low crested breakwaters of different permeability / Lorenzo Cappietti ... [et al.]. Wave transmission and wave-induced current in presence of submerged breakwaters / Mojtaba Tajziehchi and Ronald Cox. CFD added design of reef breakwaters / Valeri Penchev, Jens Scheffermann and Claus Zimmermann. Integral artificial surf reef design / Martijn Henriquez ... [et al.]. Numerical study on the effect of porous submerged mound to dissipate non-breaking long waves / Yoshimitsu Tajima ... [et al.]. Study of hydrodynamic induced by low crested structures through image processing / Renata Archetti and Alberto Lamberti. Port of Pecém Berm Breakwater, design and post-construction monitoring / Otavio Sayao ... [et al.]. Wave height limits for the statically stable Icelandic-type berm breakwater / Sigurdur Sigurdarson ... [et al.]. Experimental verification of a mound breakwater built with an S-profile / María Clavero ... [et al.]. Influence of wave steepness on stability of placed block revetments / Mark Klein Breteler, Robert't Hart and Theo Stoutjesdijk. Processes affecting the stability of revetments made with sand containers / Juan Recio and Hocine Oumeraci

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Investigation of Decomposition Methods of Turbulent Flow Field Beneath Wind
FrequencyDomain Nonlinear Wave Transformation Model Incorporating Incident
The Importance of Directionality in the Evolution of Large Waves in Intermediate

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