Code of Building Laws and Regulations of the City of Montreal: Containing the By-laws Relating to Buildings, Plumbing Drainage and Sewerage, Streets and Roads, Hygiene...

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Guertin printing Company, 1906 - Building laws - 488 pages

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Page 212 - number of gallons by 4, then extract the square root, and the result will be the diameter in inches. To find the velocity in feet per minute necessary to discharge a given volume of water in a given time, multiply the number ol cubic feet of water by 144 and divide the product by the
Page 446 - Le propriétaire d'un mur non-mitoyen, joignant immédiatement l'héritage d'autrui, peut pratiquer dans ce mur des jours ou fenêtres à fer maillé et verre dormant ; c'est-à-dire que ces fenêtres doivent être garnies d'un treillis de fer dont les mailles n'ont que quatre pouces au plus d'ouverture, et d'un châssis scellé en
Page 159 - to appear to the satisfaction of the inspector, at the time of discovering the offence, that the employer has used all due diligence to enforce the execution of this act or of the regulations and to ascertain by whom the offence was committed, and also that it
Page 13 - use of any such name, title or designation, as above mentioned^ shall be liable, upon summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding' twenty-five dollars for the first offence, and not exceeding one hundred dollars for every subsequent offence.
Page 119 - Sec. 28.—Whenever it shall be certified to the Board of Health by one of the health officers, that any building, or part thereof, is unfit for human habitation, by reason of its being so infected with disease as likely to cause sickness among the occupants,
Page 119 - same to be affixed conspicuously on the building and to be served upon the owner, agent or lessee, requiring all persons therein to vacate such building for the reasons to be stated in the said order; and such building or part thereof shall, within such period as shall be assigned by the said Board of Health
Page 159 - has been committed without the knowledge, consent or connivance of the employer and in contravention of his orders, then the Inspector shall proceed against the person whom he believes to be the actual offender, without first proceeding against the employer.
Page 57 - of the public, also all outlets leading to the streets and including all open courts, corridors, stairways and exits, shall be well and properly lighted during every performance, and the same shall remain lighted until the entire audience has left the premises.
Page 223 - or times hereinafter stated provided that.. ART. VII. Should the Contractor be obstructed or delayed in the prosecution or completion of his work by the act, neglect, delay or default of the owner, or the Architect, or of any other contractor employed by the Owner upon the work, or by any damage which may happen by
Page 447 - 1684. Si l'ouvrier fournit la 'matière et se charge de faire tout l'ouvrage et le rendre parfait pour un prix fixé, la perte, de quelque manière qu'elle arrive avant la délivrance, tombe sur lui, à moins que cette perte ne soit causée par le propriétaire ou qu'il ne soit en demeure de recevoir la chose.

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