Coffee: The Revolutionary Drink for Pleasure and Health : Your Guide to Get More of the Pleasure and Health Benefits from Your Everyday Coffee

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Xlibris Corporation, 2007 - Medical - 582 pages
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Save the coffee planet! How? Why? We live in a world with an estimated population of 6 billion people from which 0, 6 billion, an impressive 10% of the world's population, is dependent on the coffee agriculture and industry for their living. All over the world, more than 1.0 billion people drink coffee on a daily basis, being USA the major consumer, followed by Brazil. Coffee is second after oil in the worldwide business of natural products. The Coffee Paradox is far more important than the French Paradox as it involves USA, Japan, Italy and Brazil, among other countries by decreasing mortality due to depression/suicide, alcoholism/cirrhosis, cancer, diabetes/ cardiovascular diseases and childhood obesity. It is amazing that people still keep thinking that coffee can be detrimental to human health and that coffee is but caffeine. The author's studies for 20 years have provided evidences why and how the daily intake of coffee is good to health, provide you drink regularly an average of 250 Roasted Coffee Units (RCU) daily (#45 to #65, SCAA). Most Americans like their percolated, espresso, decaf and son on...But 99 % of people think that coffee is only caffeine while just a few have recently learned that coffee has also antioxidants. But coffee has many other compounds which can help preventing a great number of diseases. Caffeine experts keep obsessively thinking about caffeine and ignoring all about coffee. Coffee has hundreds of volatiles which cause pleasure as smell is vital to mankind. More than any other, it is the sense of smell which has the power to fix and recall memories. Coffee also carries health with its five major soluble bioactive compounds. Caffeine is a minor part of ahandful of bioactive compounds found in properly roasted coffee such as: 1) the phenolics chlorogenic acids, 2) the lactones formed from the CGA after proper roasting; 3) caffeine which can vary 200% comparing Robusta and Arabica coffees; 4) the vitamin PP or niacin and 5) the minerals (potassium, iron, zinc, etc). Coffee has helped mankind evolution and the spread of wit, good mood and pleasure together with health. The Coffee Paradox is but one among the many Revolutions coffee is responsible in human history. Coffee is good for the brain and the ideas, which are the factors that lift civilization. They create the revolutions. You will learn all into this book, aimed only to coffee drinkers. Non coffee drinkers are strongly recommended to start drinking coffee correctly after reading this book.

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