Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare

Front Cover, Sep 24, 2008 - Harassment - 164 pages
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(Virtually banned in the west. Reserved for posthumous critique. Buy it while I am still alive)Covert warfare to eliminate threats or research electronic, chemical and biological agents on unwitting, hapless civilians is becoming more widespread than ever before. A tax money supported network of dedicated criminals for whom waging covert warfare is a way of life is on the increase, their job to punish by torture and eliminate people who pose a threat to those in positions of power. Intelligence agencies, there to protect citizens from internal and external foes, the judiciary, as well as the police forces, are heavily involved, giving the nod, protection, the best of their know-how and technology to the activity and those involved.

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Thanks for assisting in bringing this very relevant issue to the fore. There isn't nearly enough attention being given to/discussion around the issue of community harassment and terrorism.
book is another bold step in the right direction, and I believe it is required reading especially for targeted individuals.
I do not agree with the writer's every assertion. Understanding the puppet/clown world of gang-stalking is a daunting task both for the deliberate theatre-like and weasel nature of perpetrators, and for the obviously ever-changing nature of attacks.
All good people should both endeavour to understand this scourge, and to rid the world of it.
Again this book is a step in the right direction.

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I am so tired of the propaganda that immediately accuses the United States government and those in authority of being the "bad guys". I refuse to drink the kool-aid of those who want American's to believe that we cannot trust those in authority at all. There have been individuals and certain events throughout history that reflected the actions of a person who was wrong or committed a crime, that does not mean that every person in government and authority is out to get you. This is called a hasty generalization and is fallacious reasoning. Please, as a responsible human being, take the time to question those who want to tear apart the fabric of our democracy by stirring up fear and paranoia. Just because someone says it is the fault of the U.S. does not mean it is our fault.  


Who are these people?
What are The Attack Methods?
Why do People Become Targets of Covert Warfare?
Dispelling Doubt
Keeping Accounts
Blocking Directed Energy Weapons Attacks
Securing External Property
SafetyWhile Out and About
Mental and Physical Health

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