Coherent Vibrational Dynamics

Front Cover
Guglielmo Lanzani, Giulio Cerullo, Sandro De Silvestri
CRC Press, Nov 29, 2007 - Science - 288 pages
Remarkable developments in the spectroscopy field regarding ultrashort pulse generation have led to the possibility of producing light pulses ranging from 50 to5 fs and frequency tunable from the near infrared to the ultraviolet range. Such pulses enable us to follow the coupling of vibrational motion to the electronic transitions in molecules and solids in real time.

Detailing these advanced developments, as well as the fundamental methods and tools of vibrational spectroscopy, Coherent Vibrational Dynamics providesresearchers and students with a uniquely comprehensive resource. With the contributions of pioneering scientists, this seminal volume –

Outlines the principles and tools used on time-domain vibrational spectroscopy and provides a general introduction to the subject of coherent phonons

Describes the modern methods for tunable ultrashort pulse generation from infrared to visible-UV

Reviews coherent vibrational dynamics in small molecules in liquids (hydrogen bonds), and in carbon based conjugated materials (polyenes, carotenoids, and semiconducting polymers)

Explores phonon dynamics in semiconductors (bulk and heterostructures) and in quasi-one-dimensional systems

Supplemented with a great number of references, and covering fundamental as well advanced topics, this text provides a valuable reference for both graduate students and senior researchers investigating materials in physics, chemistry, and biology. It is also an excellent starting point for those who want to pursue research in the field of ultrafast optics and spectroscopy.


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