Cold War Triangle: How Scientists in East and West Tamed HIV

Leuven University Press, 7 sep. 2017 - 192 pagina's
The extraordinary story of scientists in East and West combatting HIV

A small group of scientists were doggedly working in the field of antiviral treatments when the AIDS epidemic struck. Faced with one of the grand challenges of modern biology of the twentieth century, scientists worked across the political divide of the Cold War to produce a new class of antivirals. Their molecules were developed by a Californian start-up together with teams of scientists at the Rega Institute of KU Leuven and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB) of the Academy of Sciences in Prague. These molecules became the cornerstone of the blockbuster drugs now used to combat and prevent HIV. Cold War Triangle gives an insight into the human face of science as it recounts the extraordinary story of scientists in East and West who overcame ideological barriers and worked together for the benefit of humanity. 


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Vaccines and celebrity scientists 24
a Czech chemist
the secret of life as chemistry 55
Bringing compounds to life 68
Chapter Breaking away from interferon 73
Chapter The rst antiviral drugs 79
Chapter emerges in the shadow of the Cold War 85
A triangular collaboration is set in motion 101
Chapter First attempts to halt the epidemic 109
the oneadaypill 119
Of scientists and crusaders 127
Album 132
References 175
Index 181

Revealing a retrovirus 93

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Over de auteur (2017)

Renilde Loeckx is member of the EORTC Cancer Research Fund and former Ambassador of Belgium.

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