Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Volume 6

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Page 427 - The cystic areas vary in size from that of the head of a pin to that of an English walnut.
Page 661 - Is it not possible, therefore, that there is something in the habits of civilized man, in the cooking or other preparation of his food, which acts to produce the prccancerous lesion?
Page 385 - If the average course of the intoxication be represented by a curve the greatest height is reached during the latter half of the first year, and then suddenly drops to the twelfth month. In many instances it reaches the normal base line during the next six months. More often it fluctuates with periods of exacerbation for the next two to four years. Secondary symptoms and exophthalmos may remain, but the active course only rarely continues over four years without distinct intermissions. Compare the...
Page 670 - Where cancer in the human is frequent, a close study of the habits of civilized man as contrasted with primitive races and lower animals, where similar lesions are conspicuously rare, may be of value, and finally the prophylaxis of cancer depends, first, on a change in those cancer-producing habits, and second, on the early removal of all precancerous lesions and sources of chronic irritation.
Page 377 - ... of man, the same mechanism that causes physical action and that expresses the emotions ; its origin is in phylogeny and its excitation is through either some stimulating emotion intensely or repeatedly given, or some lowering of the threshold of the nerve receptors, thus establishing a pathological interaction between the brain and the thyroid. This pathological interaction may be broken by diminishing the thyroid output, thus allowing the brain to regain normal control, or by securing physiological...
Page 721 - Abbott (EG). Simple, rapid and complete reduction of deformity in fixed lateral curvature of the spine.
Page 647 - Clinical Suggestions Based on a Study of Primary, Secondary (Carcinoma!) and Tertiary or Migratory (Carcinoma) Epithelial Hyperplasia of the Breast.
Page 348 - If but little organic matter is present, there is a tendency for spattering of fine drops during the evaporation of the excess water. If some organic substance is dissolved in the solution, this spattering is prevented. A small amount of gallic acid is suitable and sufficient for this purpose. For the fusion of the organic matter with the sodium hydroxid, it is necessary to heat the bottom of the large crucible to a dull red heat.
Page 349 - If only a few bubbles are liberated, a second addition of 5 to 10 mgm. of potassium nitrate will not cause a further liberation of bubbles, and the oxidation of the organic matter is complete. If the second addition of nitrate causes a further oxidation, repeated additions of 5 to 10 mgm.

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