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Ontos Verlag, Nov 1, 2003 - Fiction - 371 pages
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Gustav Bergmann had a major impact on contemporary philosophy as well as the philosophy and methodology of psychology. From 1967-68 he served as president of the American Philosophical Association (Western Division) and in 1972 he was awarded the first University of Iowa's named professorship in the College of Liberal Arts University of lowa's as Carver Professor. Bergmann died in 1987. In the first of a planned three-volume collection, Bergmann emphasizes the framework of a comprehensive ontology, a complete categorical inventory of the world. The issues with which he grapples include: Are there particulars as well as universals in ordinary things likes stones and clouds? Are the properties of ordinary things universals, or as minimalists hold, particular? Does an ordinary thing persist at one and the same time, or does it comprise a series of momentary entities? Are relations monadic or polyadic? Are sameness and diversity basic, or are they derived and definable? In the second volume, Bergmann addresses themes of logic and reality. Here Bergmann goes beyond the distinction between analysis and synthesis into a study of intentional connections between mental states and the facts they purportedly intend. He combines these with two other elements: internationality and exemplification. These are brought together with logical conjunction and disjunction, which he considered as connections in reality and not just as mere symbols. Volume 1: Metaphysics of Logical Positivism: 1. Remarks on Realism. 2. Sense Data, Linguistic Conventions and Existence. 3. Russell on Particulars. 4. On Nonperceptual Intuition, 5. A Note of Ontology. 6. Bodies, Minds, and Acts. 7. Two Types of Linguistic Philosophy. 8. The Identity of Indiscernibles and the Formalist Definition of "Identity." Logical Positivism, Language, and the Reconstruction of Metaphysics. 9. Meaning and Existence. 10. Particularity and the New Nominalism, 11. Some Remarks on the Ontology of Ockham, 12. Professor Quine on Analyticity, 13. Intentionality, 14. Russel's Examination of Leibniz Examined, 15. The Revolut Against Logical Atomism, 16. Freg's Hidden Nominalism, 17. Sameness, Meaning, and Identity. Volume 2: 1. Acts, 2. Ineffability, Ontology, and Method, 3. Ontological Alternatives, 4. Inclusion, Exemplification, and Inherence in G. E. Moore, 5. Strawson's Ontology, 6. The Ontology of Edmund Husserl, 7. The Glory and Misery of Ludwig Wittgenstein, 8. Stenius on the Tractatus, 9. Synthetic A Priori, 10. Realistic Postscript, 11. Diversity, 12., Sketch of an Ontological Inventory, 13. Notes on an Ontology, 14. Notes on the Ontology of Minds.

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