Collections Historical & Archaeological Relating to Montgomeryshire and Its Borders, Volume 8

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The Club, 1875

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Halaman 41 - A fiery soul which, working out its way, Fretted the pigmy body to decay And o'er-informed the tenement of clay. A daring pilot in extremity, Pleased with the danger, when the waves went high, He sought the storms ; but, for a calm unfit, Would steer too nigh the sands to boast his wit.
Halaman 110 - Graves, for life ; remainder to his first and other sons in tail male ; remainder to the...
Halaman 53 - Cromwell sat so often (d. 1672) : the arms are those of Sir Edward Turner, Speaker of the House of Commons in the reign of Charles II., at whose expense it is probable the monument was erected.
Halaman 61 - But oh ! what solemn scenes on Snowdon's height Descending slow their glittering skirts unroll ? Visions of glory, spare my aching sight! Ye unborn ages, crowd not on my soul!
Halaman 62 - Awakes to grief the soften'd mind, And points the bleeding friend. By rapid Scheld's descending wave His country's vows shall bless the grave, Where'er the youth is laid : That sacred spot the village hind With every sweetest turf shall bind, And Peace protect the shade.
Halaman 46 - Hanson, their executors, administrators, and assigns, upon trust that they, my said trustees and the survivor of them, and the executors and administrators of such survivor, do and shall stand possessed of all such...
Halaman 46 - Provided and my will is, that my said trustees and executors hereinbefore named, and the survivors and survivor of them, and the executors and administrators of such survivor, shall...
Halaman 276 - When best her love might sooth me; that black hour, (May Memory ever raze it from her records) When all my squadrons fled, and left their king Old and defenceless: him, who nine whole years Had taught them how to conquer: Yes, my friends, For nine whole years against the sons of rapine I led my veterans, oft to victory, Never 'till then to shame.
Halaman 342 - This order was intended, by Charles II.. as areward to several of his followers ; and the knights of it, were to wear a silver medal, with a device of -the King in the oak, pendant to a ribbon, about their necks ; but it was thought proper to lay it aside, lest it might create heats and animosities, -and open those wounds afresh, which at that time were thought prudent should be healed...
Halaman 6 - I am sorry to say. few descendants of heroes have minds noble enough to allow. Hitherto Lord Herbert has been little known but as an author. I much mistake, if hereafter he is not considered as one of the most extraordinary characters which this country has produced.

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