Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, Volume 12

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Illinois State Historical Library, 1915 - Archives - 216 pages

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Page 711 - LAWS of the Territory of the United States North-west of the Ohio, adopted and made by the governor and judges, in their legislative capacity, at a session begun on Friday, the XXIX day of May, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, and ending on Tuesday, the 25th day of August following, with an appendix of resolutions and the ordinance for the government of the Territory.
Page xciii - Laws passed in the Territory of the United States, Northwest of the River Ohio, from the commencement of the government to the 31st of December, 1791. Philadelphia, 1792. [Reprint in facsimile.] Laws passed in the Territory of the United States, Northwest of the River Ohio, from July to December, 1792.
Page xxvii - Pharmacopoeia, and the per cent, of true acid present in the sample of tannic acid used has been determined by the Loewenthal and Schroeder method. "Take of pure, dry Tannic Acid, 23.4 parts by weight. of crystal Gallic Acid, 7.7 parts, of Ferrous Sulphate, 30.0 parts, of Gum Arabic, 10.0 parts, of diluted Hydrochloric Acid, 25.0 parts, of Carbolic Acid, 1.0 part.
Page cv - Acts | passed at the | second session | of the | first General Assembly | of the | Alabama Territory ; | in the forty third year | of | American Independence.
Page lxxxix - Laws passed at the first session of the general assembly of the Indiana Territory, begun and held at the borough of Vincennes, on Monday the twenty-ninth of July, in the year 1805 — by authority. Vincennes, Stout, pr., nd 38 p.
Page xxvii - ... 2. It must contain no less iron and must have a specific gravity of 1.035 to 1.040 at 60 F. "3. It must develop its color as quickly. "4. After a week's exposure to diffused daylight the color must be as intense a black when used upon the standard record paper, and it must equally resist changes from exposure to light, air, water, or alcohol. "5. It must be as fluid, flow as well, strike no more through the paper, nor remain more sticky immediately after drying.
Page xxvii - Inks submitted will be subjected to the following tests, as compared with the standard ink described above : — 1 . A fluid ounce allowed to stand at rest in a white glass vessel, freely exposed in diffused daylight for two weeks to the light and air, at a temperature of 50...
Page xcii - ... law."2 It was also provided that the act should not be construed to give the court jurisdiction in any civil or criminal suit other than cases where the matter or thing brought before the court related to the public concerns of the county generally.3 It was given charge of all county business4 and...
Page 261 - Census returns for 1835 and 1840. Bound together in three volumes. These are fragmentary. For both censuses together there are returns for but 58 counties out of the 87 in existence in 1840. The census returns for 1840 give names of heads of families, number of free white males and females in each family, number of negroes and mulattoes, number of factories, mills, etc., owned, number of horses owned by each head of family. (c) Census returns for 1845. Only a few counties, 1 v. (d) Census returns,...

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