College Botany: Including Organography, Vegetable Histology, Vegetable Physiology and Vegetable Taxonomy : with a Brief Account of the Succession of Plants in Geologic Time, and a Glossary of Botanical Terms : Being a Revised and Enlarged Edition of the "Elements of Botany," with Nearly Six Hundred Illustrations, Largely from Drawings by the Author

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G.P. Engelhard, 1889 - Botany - 451 pages
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Page 20 - Multiply together the numerators for a new numerator, and the denominators for a new denominator.
Page 123 - ... internodal cells of Chara, they may even be more than an inch long. Some cells, on the other hand, are so small as to be barely visible under the highest powers of the microscope, for example, some bacteria. The primary form of cells appears to be that of a sphere or spheroid, but commonly, especially in the tissues of the higher plants, they acquire forms quite different from this, and even within the limits of the same organism the shapes may be exceedingly various. This may be due to mutual...
Page 238 - ... to protect it from the attack of worms and insects. Even certain flowers (wax plant) have been known for ages to give out odors which render them dangerous to life and make them fungi-proof. During the time that the constructive work of plants goes on, there proceeds also a work of disintegration. In the economy of the organism, life and death go hand in hand. The alkaloids, resins and volatile oils are waste products, so far at least as nutritious purposes are concerned; however, they are of...
Page 141 - THE liquid contents of the cells of diflerent plants contain numerous inorganic substances in solution. In addition to these, crystals of mineral matter having various shapes and sizes are often found in the interior of cells. The most common of these are calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate, but calcium phosphate, calcium sulphate and silica are sometimes found. Like the milky juice, aromatic compounds, and various decomposition products, they undoubtedly serve as a means of protection. The raphides,...
Page 415 - Dehiscent through the back of a cell of a capsule. MEDULLA.— The pith. MEDULLARY RAYS. — Rays of fundamental tissue which connect the pith with the bark. MEMBRANOUS, MEMBRANACEOUS. — Thin and rather soft, more or less translucent.
Page 395 - July, 1826.* *The slides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the Green Mountains of Vermont, have been recently very remarkable.
Page 114 - ... are the product of one flower but of more than one pistil are called Aggregated Fruits. Raspberry is an example. Fruits that are the products of flower clusters instead of single flowers are called Multiple Fruits. Sorosis, is a multiple fruit of which the mulberry is an example. Strobile or Cone, is a multiple fruit consisting of a scale-bearing axis, each scale enclosing one or more seeds. Pine cones are examples. Galbulus, is a cone, the scales of which have become succulent. The juniper berry...
Page 424 - ... A breathing pore found in the epidermis of the higher plants. STROBILE. — A compact flower cluster with large scales concealing the flowers. When this cluster matures and contains seeds it is still called a strobile. STYLE. — That part of the pistil which connects the ovary with the stigma. SUPERIOR. — Applied to an ovary that is not at all adherent to the calyx. SYNCARP. — A multiple fruit. TAPROOT. — The main root or downward continuation of the plant axis.
Page 195 - These cells are elongated in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the leaf, and hence the name palisade tissue has been applied to them. The...
Page 414 - Lamella (la-mel'-ii), pi. lamellae. A thin lamina, scale, or plate ; of bone, the concentric rings surrounding the haversian canals. Larynx (lar'-ingks). The upper part of the air passage between the trachea and the base of the tongue ; the voice-box. Legumin (le-gu'-min).

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