College Trigonometry

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West Publishing Company, Jan 1, 1994 - Mathematics - 400 pages
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An Introduction to Functions and Graphs
Trigonometric Functions
Applications of the Trigonometric Functions

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1989 World Series aphelion Apply arccos arcsin arctan asymptote axis of length axis of symmetry Cartesian Cartesian coordinate system Cartesian equation Cartesian plane central angle change of base common logarithm completing the square complex conjugate complex number complex plane conic section coordinates of point cos 2x cos x cos2 cosecant cosine function Critical Thinking csc x Cube roots defined Degrees Angle determine difference quotient directrix distance Divide both sides domain double-angle formula E X A M P L E eccentricity ellipse equa Exercises exponential exponential decay exponential function expression foci focus formula given graph of f(x graph of y graphing calculator half-angle formula Hence horizontal horizontal line test However hyperbola hypotenuse imaginary unit integer interval inverse inverse function inverse trigonometric functions Kidney stone latus rectum law of cosines law of sines line segment log2 log4 logarithmic logarithmic form logarithmic identities major axis minor axis multiple-angle formulas natural logarithm nth root oblique triangle obtain odd function one-to-one function ordered pairs P R O B L E M parabola parabolic reflector parametric equations perihelion phase shift plane polar coordinate system polar equation Pythagorean theorem quadrant quadratic equation quadratic formula radians radius real numbers reference angle Repeat Example Richter scale right triangle roots rotation rotation formulas Rotation of Axes scientific notation shift rule shown in Figure simple harmonic motion Simplify sin x sin2 Since sine Sketch the graph solutions solve square square root standard form strontium-90 tan x tan2 tangent three significant digits transverse axis trigono trigonometric equation trigonometric functions trigonometric identity trigonometric substitution unit circle vector vertex vertical vertical asymptote x-intercept zero

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