College Algebra and Trigonometry

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Saunders College Pub., Jan 1, 1993 - Mathematics
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absolute value algebraic angle Answers arithmetic sequence arithmetic series asymptotes augmented matrix binomial theorem centimeters circle coefficients cofactor commutative law completing the square complex conjugate complex numbers conic section coordinates Cramer's Rule Critical Value denominator determine directrix distance distributive laws Double-Angle Formulas elementary row operations ellipse equal Equations Solve evaluate Example Exercise Set exponential exponential decay exponential function exponential growth exponents factor Factor Theorem factor x Figure 17 formula fractions Gauss-Jordan Elimination Gaussian Elimination geometric sequence given graph of y graphics calculator Horizontal Line Test However hyperbola hypotenuse imaginary unit inequality infinite geometric series integer Intermediate Value Theorem interval inverse Inverse Functions Inverse Trigonometric Functions kilograms law of cosines law of sines light-year linear equations linear programming linear system loga logarithmic mathematical induction matrix matrix multiplication monomial multiplicative inverse multiply natural number negative negative zeros nth root number system odd function one-to-one function ordered pair parabola parametric equations point-slope form polar polar coordinate system polar equation polynomial polynomial function positive numbers Progress Check properties Pythagorean Theorem quadratic equation quadratic formula quadratic function radians rational expressions rational function rational number Rational Zero Theorem real number line Richter scale right triangle roots Rule of Signs scientific notation sequence set notation shown in Figure sides Sigma Notation significant digits simplify sin x sin2 Since Sketch the graph Slope-Intercept Form solution set Solve square square root Step sum-product synthetic division term Theorem trigonometric functions trigonometric identities unit circle variable vector Verify vertical viewing rectangle Villanova University write XSCL y-intercept YSCL zero

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