College and Corporation Plate: A Handbook to the Reproductions of Silver Plate in the South Kensington Museum from Celebrated English Collections

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Chapman and Hall, 1881 - Plate - 155 pages

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Page 20 - The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Goldsmiths of the City of London.
Page 20 - Goldsmiths reside the same Ordinance be observed as in London and that one or two of every such City or Town, for the rest of that Trade, shall come to London to be ascertained of their Touch of Gold and there to have a stamp of a Puncheon of a Leopard's Head marked upon their work as of ancient time it hath been ordained.
Page 47 - ... rent lying by him, therewith to purchase a new lease, beside a fair garnish of pewter on his cupboard, with so much more in odd vessel going about the house, three or four feather beds, so many coverlids and carpets of tapestry, a silver salt, a bowl for wine (if not a whole neast), and a dozen of spoons to furnish up the suit.
Page 44 - ... a battlemented band round the centre resting on strap-shaped supports to sustain the horn; and a terminal ornament composed of acrownedand bearded head rising from an openwork battlemented turret.
Page 30 - ... circular pacted crystal in silver gilt mounts, with a cover of cut glass probably replacing the original crystal. It is borne on the head of a huntsman or wild man of silver gilt, clothed in a loose tunic with black pointed buskins, having a hunting-knife suspended in his belt, the face and the hands painted in natural colours. The base is coloured green and covered with painted figures, on a small scale, of various wild animals, dogs, and huntsmen. In the centre is a large figure, fully coloured,...
Page 43 - To elect the Master of the Mercerie hither am I sent, And by Sir Thomas Leigh for the same intent.
Page 16 - ... it is of silver gilt and of the form of a filled-up horseshoe, but having a semi-elliptical opening at the larger end, such as would receive the central curve of a nautilus shell...
Page iii - Woodcuts. 2s. 6d. COLLEGE AND CORPORATION PLATE. A Handbook to the Reproductions of Silver Plate in the South Kensigton Museum from Celebrated English Collections.
Page 102 - Hall, Ep. Cest. At the bottom 22 carats." Mr. Cripps further says, " Plate made of real gold is of the greatest possible rarity; what are called gold services being made in truth of silver-gilt. There were only some five specimens of gold plate exhibited in the Loan collection of 1862 at South Kensington. This beautiful cup at Exeter College represents the gold plate of our College Collections.
Page 52 - Some eight or ten are all that are known to remain of these beautiful chalices with their patens, the rest having fallen under the Puritan ban and been melted up as " monuments of superstition," a few of them in the reign of Edward VI., but many more at the fresh outburst of Protestant zeal which characterised the first years of that of Queen Elizabeth. It is almost a wonder that even these few PATKN, 1527, AT TRINITY COLLEGE, OXFORD. them, and especially such as have been set up in churches, chapels,...

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