Collotype and Photo-lithography

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Iliffe and Son, 1889 - Collotype - 170 pages

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Page 127 - Put one fourth of a test tube full of bone black into a small flask and pour over it about 50 cc. of water, to which has been added a few drops of a solution of litmus or of indigo.
Page 61 - In a busy city it Is impossible to lay down a hard and fast rule, and whether negligence existed under the circumstances of the case is ordinarily a question for the jury.
Page 64 - Two grammes of the best Russian isinglass are cut up into the smallest possible pieces with a pair of sharp scissors, soaked in 25 cc. of water for 12 hours, heated nearly to boiling point until solution is effected, and then filtered while hot through close flannel. Cover six grammes of good Collotype gelatine with 50 ccm.
Page 60 - ... caustic potash has been added until it fails to show an acid reaction when tested with blue litmus paper (about three to five grammes of caustic potash to the litre of beer will be necessary). To a litre of beer so prepared is added J kilo, of silicate of soda.
Page 90 - Supposing the work in hand to be one of a simple character — say the reproduction of an impression from a copperplate in black — take a piece of the best chalk ink about the size of a hazel nut, in an unthinned condition, as supplied to the printing trade, and with an iron spatula or palette knife spread it upon the inking slab.
Page 38 - The cylinder or stock is of pear-wood, and the handles of box; first covering serge, which before sewing on should be well shrunk in hot water ; over this comes the velvet, the edges of which must not overlap, but must be drawn together as close as possible by means of thread.
Page 120 - ... green, the ordinary sensitiveness of the plate being sufficient for blue and violet, the latter, however, being exposed through a yellow screen.

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