Color Doppler Sonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Thieme, Jan 1, 2011 - Medical - 405 pages
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This beautifully illustrated and formatted book covers all of the established and developing indications for the use of color Doppler ultrasound in gynecology and obstetrics. In gynecology the modality is used to measure blood flow in benign changes of the endometrium as well as malignant tumors of the uterus; screening for ovarian carcinoma, including 3D-power doppler for the assessment of angiogenesis of ovarian tumors; and as an adjunct examination in assessing tumors of the breast.In obstetrics, the imaging method is useful in screening for gestosis and placental insufficiency in early pregnancy; evaluating the umbilical cord; fetal echocardiography and much more.More recent developments show the modality to be helpful in infertility diagnosis and reproductive medicine, providing information on the patency of the fallopian tubes, the quality of the vascularization of the uterus and more.With almost 600 illustrations and 90 useful tables, as well as a text that is highly structured for efficient reading, this text provides practitioners with technical and methodological basics as well as advanced tips for experienced users.

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Physical and Technical Principles
Historical Development
Analysis of BMode Information and Artifacts
Technical Principles and Equipment Settings
Technical Aspects of the Examination and Equipment Settings
New Developments in Transducer Technology
Fetal Doppler Findings in Late Pregnancy
Term Effect
Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Changes and Doppler
Discussion of Uterine Doppler Changes during Labor
Effect of Intrapartum FHR Decelerations on Quantitative Parameters
Direct Effect of Intrapartum Fetal Hypoxia or Hypoxemia on Blood Flow
Color Doppler Ultrasound in Fetal Echocardiography

Safety Aspects of Doppler and Color Doppler Sonography
Power Doppler
Uterine Blood Flow in Fertile and Infertile Women
Uterine Blood Flow in Infertile Women
Uterine Causes of Infertility
Submucous Leiomyomas
Changes in Uterine and Ovarian Perfusion with the Onset
Color Doppler Sonography for the Optimization of Assisted
Discussion of the Role of Doppler Examinations
Pulsed Doppler and Color Duplex Sonography in the Assessment
Conventional Methods in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Luteal
Blood Flow in the Corpus luteum during Early Pregnancy
Follicular Aspiration in Assisted Reproduction
Fallopian Tube Catheterization
Endometrial Polyps
Doppler Ultrasound Examinations from Folliculogenesis
Changes in Endometrial Blood Flow
Luteal Blood Flow in Normal and Abnormal Pregnancies
Evaluation of Early Placentation and the Embryonic Circulation
Objections and Alternative Theories
Vascularization of the Yolk Sac and Vitelline Duct
Umbilical Vein
Transvaginal Color Doppler Sonography
Assessment of the Method
Technique of Transvaginal Pulsed Doppler Flowmetry
Uterine Perfusion in an Abnormal Pregnancy
Uterine Perfusion on Medication or following Uterine Manipulation
Uterine Perfusion on Medication or after Uterine Manipulation
Color Doppler Sonography of the Uterine Arteries in Early
Normal Fetomaternal Doppler Indices in the Second and Third
Venous Doppler Sonography
Clinical Applications
Growth Discordance in Multiple Pregnancy
Color Doppler Sonography in the Diagnosis of Nuchal Cord
Role of Doppler Sonography in
Chronic Placental Insufficiency
Diagnosis of Chronic Placental Insufficiency
Clinical Management of Chronic Placental Insufficiency Suspected
Severely Abnormal Doppler Findings and Perinatal
Absent EndDiastolic Flow in the Umbilical Artery andor FetalAorta
Color Doppler in the Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease
Management of Suspected Congenital Heart Disease
Importance of Color Doppler Echocardiography in Prenatal
Absolute Velocities
Anomalies of Ventriculoarterial Blood Flow
Structure of the Human Placenta and Pathomorphological
Regulation of Villous Blood Flow
Classification of Placental Insufficiency by its Progression
Morphological and Morphometric Studies of the Placenta with
EndDiastolic Blood Flow Velocities in the Umbilical Arteries
Clinical and Diagnostic Value of Doppler Sonography of the Umbilical
Sonographic and Doppler Sonographic Examination of Uterine
New Thoughts on Old Problems
Doppler Examination of the Normal Endometrium and Benign
Endometrial Hyperplasia
Leiomyomas Fibroids
Use of Color Doppler in the Evaluation of Suspicious
Effect of Histopathological Parameters with Reference to Prognostic
Malignant Uterine Tumors
Authors Experience
Uterine Sarcoma
Blood Flow Changes in Cervical Carcinoma Treated by Primary
Color Doppler Imaging of Benign Adnexal MassesA Spectrum
Malignant Adnexal Tumors
Vascular Impedance
ThreeDimensional Power Doppler Sonography in Evaluating
Current Methods for Evaluating Vascular Geometry and Function
Technique for Evaluating Vascular Geometry
Advances in Tumor Therapy
Incidence and FiveYear Survival Rates of Ovarian Cancer
Who Should be Screened?
General Aspects of the Ultrasound Investigation of Blood Flow
Number and Intensity of Color Pixels and Color Areas
Color Doppler Sonography in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
ContinuousWave Doppler
Blood Flow Analysis
Menopausal Status and BenignMalignant Tumor Discrimination
Endometrial Imaging

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Professor and Director, Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, The Saarland University Hospital, Homburg, Germany

Professor, Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Sveti Duh Hospital, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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