Comedy and the Public Sphere: The Rebirth of Theatre as Comedy and the Genealogy of the Modern Public Arena

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Routledge, 12 dec. 2012 - 376 pagini

The book aims at reframing the discussion on the "public sphere," usually understood as the place where the public opinion is formed, through rational discussion. The aim of this book is to give an account of this rationality, and its serious shortcomings, examining the role of the media and the confusing of public roles and personal identity. It focuses in particular on the role of the theatrical and comical in the historical development of the public sphere, and in this manner reformulating definitions of common sense, personal identity, and culture.


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Comedy Mask Laughter
PART II The Rebirth of Theatre as Comedy out of the Spirit of Byzantium
Visions and Realities of Commedification
PART IV The Rebirth of Commedia dellArte as the AvantGarde

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Arpad Szakolczai is Professor of Sociology at University College Cork, Ireland.

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