Coming Home to the Ten Commandments

AuthorHouse, 2002/04/15 - 112 ページ
'You be sure to tell that marshal of yours I'll be lookin' forward to the chase.'

Catherine Prentiss had made two big mistakes: the first, robbing a bank in US Marshal Matthew Hayes' district, and the second throwing down a challenge like that to the formidable Texas Lawman.

Now fleeing north to their home in Wyoming, the outlaw and her men are forced to separate in the foothills of the Rockies in order to try and lose the persistent lawman. A man whose relentless character has been shaped by the brutal killing of his own family by outlaws fourteen years earlier. Unable to elude him, he finally catches up with Catherine in the mountains. After an initial explosive confrontation, the outlaw leads the lawman through one adventure after another as she tries desperately to escape the man who controls not only her freedom, but also her heart.