Commentaries Upon International Law

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Read Books, 2008 - Business & Economics - 528 pages
C O N T E N T S . Commentaries upon International Law. By Robert Phillimore, BI. P., Advocate to Her Majesty in her Office of Admiralty, Author of 1 The Law of Domicil. 16 Legum denique idcirco ornnes servi sumus, ut liberi esse possumus.. CICERO pro A. Cluent. 5 53. cl The various Transactions and Concordats bet eeSnov ereigns and the See of Rome-a succinct and impartial history of them is wanting the papal arrangements with Bonaparte mould not be the least curious part of such a work.-Horz Judica Subsecivz. By Charles Butler 1804, p. 118. Vol. 11. COMMENTARIES UPON INTERNATIONAL LAW, ROBERT PHILLIMORE, M. P., ADVOCATE TO HEB MAJESTY IY HER OFFICE OF ADMIRALTY, AUTHOR OF THE LAW OF DOMICIL. Legum denique idcirco omnes servi sumus, ut liberi esse possumus. CICERO p ro A. CZuent. 53. The various Transaction8 and Concordat8 betzoeen Sovereign8 and the See of Rome -a succinct and impartial history of them is wanting the papal arrangements with Bonaparte would not be the least curious part of such 8 work.-Horce Juridicce Srcb8ecivce. By CHARLES BUTLER lSO4, p. 118. VOL. 11. a-. .. 2 . .. . C . 1 P H l L A D E L P H I A T. J. W. JOHNSON, LAW BOOKSELLERS, NO. 1 9 7 CHESTNUT STREET. 1855. iv P H I L L I M O R E ON I N T E R N A T I O N A L LAW. C H A P T E R VI. TREATIES P . p . 55-69. Their Place in the System of International Law. Different Modes of considering them. Who may contract. Reciprocal Consent. What may be the Subject of. Modes of confirming. C H A P T E R V I I . TREATIES. Pp. 70-78. Guarantees, different kinds of. C H A P T E R V I I I . TREATIES. Pp. 79-110. Inte A T reL tiatteiroanl o1fn. t erpreta. ion. B. Intercpretataion. 1 Uncertainty. 2 Impropriety of Language. GeneralRules respecting. Uncertainty of Expression, arising from-I 1. Incompleteness. 2. Ambiguity of Language. a. Ambiguity of single Expressions. b. Of General Construction. Two general Rules relating to. Impropriety of Expression. Rectified by-Case of Russo-Dutch Loan. Eadem ratio idemjus. Things favourable odious. C H A P T E R I X . COLLISION OF TREATIES. Pp. 111-1 16. Rules respecting. Decisions of British and American Courts. PART VI. C H A P T E R I. RIGHTS OF SOVEREIGNS. Pp. 117-133. Historical Instances. Decisions of Dutch, French and English Tril nnals. C H A P T E R 11. EMBASSY. Pp. 134--146. General Arrangement of the Subject. Who may send Embassy. P H I L L I M O R E ON I N T E R N A T I O N A L LAW. PART VII. C H A P T E R I. CONSULS. HISTORICA IS L T RODUCT Pp I . O 23 N 5-. 2 39. C H A P T E R 11. CONSCLATE IN CHRISTIANC OCSTRIES. Pp. 240-251. Consuls-General. Vice-Consuls. Treaties respecting. C H A P T E R 111. CONSULS. DUTIES A SD POWER OF S . Pp. 252-259. C H A P T E R IV. COKSULS. DECISIOGS O F MUSICIPALT RIBUNAL R S E SPECTISG. Pp. 2GO-2i0. C H A P T E R V. CONSULS 1s THE LEI-AKT-IK CHISA. Pp. 2 71-275. V I I I . ISTERNATIONAL STATUS OF FOREIGN SPIRITUAL POWERS, ESPECIALLY OF THE POPE. C H A P T E R I. RELIGION A ND THE STATE. Pp. 2 77-280. Division of the Subject, and Order of Treatment in the following Chapters. C H A P T E R 11. GENERALO BSERVATION A S S TO THE RIGHT OF THE STATE T O SCPERESTESD, WITHIN ITS TERRITORIAL LIMITS, A LL RELIGIO S D OCTRISE T S A GHT, A SD THE TEACHER O S F THEM. THE EARLY COSSECTION O F THE CHRISTIAXC HURCH WITH THE STATE. Pp. 281-297. Influence of Religion.-Church.-Collegium liciturn.-Church under Constantine.-Pepin le Bref.-Identity ofChurch alld State. C H A P T E R 111. Collision between Church and State after the time of Charlemagne.-Jzcl-a . iVajestatis circa sacra. Corpus Jzlris Cano zici. v PHILLIMORE ON INTERNATIONAL LAW. CHAPTER XI. INTERNATIONSATLA TU O S F THE PATRIARCHA O T F EC ONSTANTINOPLE. Pp...

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