Commercial Correspondence

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American book Company, 1905 - Počet stran: 152
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Strana 144 - States in perpetuity all islands within the limits of the zone above described and in addition thereto the group of small islands in the Bay of Panama, named Perico, Naos, Culebra and Flamenco.
Strana 145 - Department has not been advised what articles (other than those so designated in the preceding list of " prohibited articles") are liable to customs duties in foreign countries, and consequently does not exclude articles of merchandise from the mails for foreign countries because they may be liable to customs duties in the countries to which they are addressed. Customs duties cannot be prepaid by the senders of dutiable articles; they will be collected of addressees if the articles are delivered.
Strana 142 - Second, third and fourth-class matter must be so wrapped or enveloped that the contents may be examined easily by postal officials. When not so wrapped, or when bearing or containing writing not authorized by law, the matter will be treated as of the first class.
Strana 146 - Letters addressed to persons temporarily sojourning in a city where the Free Delivery System is in operation should be marked "Transient" or "General Delivery," if not addressed to a street and number or some other designated place of delivery.
Strana 141 - circular" is defined to be a printed letter, which, according to internal evidence, is being sent in identical terms to several persons.. A circular shall not lose its character as such when the date and the name of the addressed and of the sender shall be written therein, nor by the correction of mere typographical errors in writing. SEC. 19. That
Strana 144 - Tutuila (including all adjacent islands of the Samoan group which are possessions of the United States), and the canal zone are included in the term " possessions of the United States.
Strana 145 - drop" letter is one addressed for delivery at the office where mailed. 2. Drop letters mailed at letter-carrier offices, or at offices which are not letter-carrier offices If rural free delivery has been established and the persons addressed can be served by rural free-delivery carriers, are subject to postage at the rate of 2 cents for each ounce or fraction thereof.
Strana 149 - A receipt is given to the sender for every piece registered. " A second receipt from the addressee or his authorized agent, acknowledging delivery, is returned to the sender in every case without extra charge. This receipt is, under the law, prima facie evidence of delivery. " If the article is addressed to a foreign country no receipt from the addressee is returned to the sender unless the words ' Return Receipt Demanded ' are written, stamped or printed across the face of the letter or parcel.
Strana 142 - Reproductions or imitations of handwriting and typewriting obtained by means of the printing press, neostyle, multigraph, or similar mechanical process will be treated as third-class matter, provided they are mailed at the post office or other depository designated by the postmaster in a minimum number of 20 identical, unsealed copies.

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