Commodore Bainbridge: From the Gunroom to the Quarter-deck

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D. Appleton, 1897 - 168 pages
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Page 66 - I hope I may never again be sent to Algiers with tribute unless I am authorized to deliver it from the mouth of our cannon.
Page 114 - ... of rocks, a few miles to the east of this harbour, which are not marked in the charts. After defending her as long as a ray of hope remained, I was obliged to surrender, and am now with my officers and crew confined in a prison in this place. I enclose to you a copy of my official letter to the secretary of the navy, from which you will learn all the circumstances in detail, connected with our capture. " My anxiety and affliction does not arise from my confinement and deprivations in prison...
Page 150 - ... far as they would go ; that the Bashaw should send all the Americans in his power on board the squadron now off Tripoli ; that his subjects should be brought over from Syracuse, and delivered to him with all convenient speed; and, as he had three hundred Americans, more or less, and we one hundred Tripolitans, more or less, I would engage to give him for the balance in his favor sixty thousand dollars ; that a treaty of peace should be made upon honorable and mutually beneficial terms.
Page 81 - I informed him, that there was one already named, who, at present, was in Lisbon, and probably would be here in six months. He said, he would write to the ambassador, which letter would be a protection for him while in the Turkish empire, and gave me liberty to recommend any merchant vessel to his protection, which might wish to come here previously to the arrival of the ambassador. I thanked him in the name of the United States, for the protection he had been pleased to give the frigate under my...
Page 164 - At 25 minutes past 5, got very close to the enemy in a very effectual raking position, athwart his bows, and was at the very instant of raking him when he most prudently struck...
Page 114 - I can not refrain from exclaiming that it would have been a merciful dispensation of Providence if my head had been shot off by the enemy while our vessel lay rolling on the rocks.
Page 114 - I am censured ; if it does not kill me — it will at least deprive me of the power of looking any of my race in the face, always excepting, however, my young, kind, and sympathizing wife. If the world desert me, I am sure to find a welcome in her affection — to receive the support and condolence which none others can give.
Page 114 - ... hope soon to hear that your health is good, and although grieved at my misfortune, are yet surrounded by dear and condoling friends, who will in some measure assuage your affliction. Perhaps, too, you will be able to tell me, that I have done injustice to my countrymen — that so far from censuring, they sympathize, and some even applaud me. God grant that this may be the case — and why should it not T The Americans are generous as they are brave.
Page 65 - The Dey of Algiers, soon after my arrival, made a demand that the United States' ship, George Washington, should carry an ambassador to Constantinople with presents to the amount of five or six hundred thousand dollars, and upwards of two hundred Turkish passengers. Every effort was made by me to evade this demand but it availed nothing. The light in which the chief of this regency looks upon the people of the United States may be inferred from his style of expression. He remarked to me, "You pay...
Page 124 - ... harbor at night, with her men secreted below deck; steer her directly on board the frigate and then let the officers and men board, sword in hand, and there is no doubt of their success. It will be necessary to take several good row boats in order to facilitate the retreat after the enterprise has been accomplished. The frigate in her present condition is a powerful auxiliary battery for the defense of the harbor. Though it will be impossible to remove her from her anchorage and thus restore...

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