Communication of His Honor Mayor Harrison to the City Council of the City of Chicago: Recommending Submission of Questions of Alternative Construction of Subways to a Referendum Vote, June 30, 1913 and Drafts of Ordinances Transmitted Therewith. Ordinance for Downtown Subways to be Leased to Elevated Railroads. Ordinance for a Comprehensive Independent System of Rapid Transit Subways

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Committee on Local Transportation, 1913 - Subways - 39 pages

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Page 36 - Mortgagee, and the exercise or the beginning of the exercise of any power or remedy shall not be construed to be a waiver of the right to exercise at the same time or thereafter any other power or remedy.
Page 36 - ... existing may be exercised from time to time and as o'ften and in such order as may be deemed expedient by the...
Page 7 - An ordiance authorizing the Chicago City Railway Company to construct, maintain and operate a system of street railways in streets and public ways of the City
Page 27 - ... to make all regulations which shall be necessary to secure in the most ample manner the safety, welfare, and accommodation of the public, including among other things the right to pass and enforce ordinances to protect the public from danger or Inconvenience In the operation of any work or business...
Page 31 - January next preceding, and a formal written report by public accountants selected by the City and the Company, the expenses of such audit and report to be paid out of the gross receipts of the Company as an operating expense. In the event of any purchase of the street railways and property of the company under the provisions of this ordinance...
Page 29 - ... the company agrees that upon receipt of notice in writing at any time or from time to time from the board that in its opinion any of the uses above referred to or approved, either in whole or in part, in any way diminish or impair such safety, accommodation, convenience or comfort or conflict in any way with the best interests of the public, it will forthwith to the extent specified in the notice discontinue such use.
Page 8 - The equipment to be supplied by the person, firm or corporation contracting for the equipment or any part thereof, of any such road shall include all such rolling stock, motors, boilers, engines, wires, ways, conduits and mechanisms, machinery, tools, implements and devices of every nature whatsoever used for the generation or transmission of motive power and including all power houses, and all apparatus and all devices for signaling and ventilation...
Page 7 - AN ORDINANCE Authorizing the Chicago City Railway Company to Construct, Maintain and Operate a System of Street Railways in Streets and Public Ways of the City of Chicago.
Page 29 - The'Company may permit advertisements in its cars, but no advertisement shall be placed upon the outside of any car, and only the space between the top of the windows and the transom of the car shall be used for advertisements on the inside of cars.
Page 23 - Upon the refusal or failure of the said Judges then constituting the (main) Appellate Court for the First District of Illinois, or a majority of them, to make the appointment herein authorized within thirty (30) days after being requested so to do, either the said City or the Company may, upon giving ten (10) days' written notice to the other party of its intention so to do, apply to any judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, for the appointment of a third engineer to fill any vacancy...

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