Commutation tables for joint annuities and survivorship assurances, Volume 1; Volume 73

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Page 10 - ... 3 per cent. ? 4 per cent. ? 5 per cent. ? 6 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 8 per cent.?
Page liii - ... 03056785 is the premium for the assurance on the joint lives, and agrees both with the above result and with Mr. Milne. But Mr. Milne, instead of -01672251, has (p. 361) •015714, differing materially from the truth. The reason is, as those who are used to the common method are well aware, that the old tables of annuities, calculated to three decimal places, are not sufficiently exact for survivorship questions, the results of...
Page 37 - What is the interest of $ 81, for 2 years 14 days, at ^ per cent. ? • per cent. ? per cent. ? 2 per cent. ? 3 per cent. ? 4 per cent. ? 5 per cent. ? 6 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 8 per cent.?
Page xiii - 2 - 2702 = ™ 5s 5d, as required. Similarly, if it were required to find the value of an annuity of l on the life of a child aged one year, we should, as before, refer to the Table of Mortality, and conceive the life proposed to be one of 8650 children all of the same age and prospect of longevity, and upon whose lives similar annuities are made payable. This assumption being made, it is manifest...
Page liii - A copyhold estate is held on three lives aged respectively 61, 50, and 45, each renewable at the end of the year in which it drops by a life of 7 years of age on payment of a fine of 5. Give an expression for the present value of all the fines for ever.
Page xiv - Whence it follows that the value of an annuity on the life of a child just born...
Page 10 - Table at the end of the present work has been formed, which shows the amount of an annuity of 1 per annum at the end of any number of years not exceeding...
Page lxxix - A = 1-Sa-, that is, the present value of 1 payable at the end of n years, interest being at i per annum convertible momently.

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