Comprehensive Guide to Asthma: Breathing Easy and Living Healthy

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Information Marketing Business, 2012 - Reference - 144 pages
Natural Allergy Asthma Treatment The Symptoms of Asthma CAN be EASILY controlled through alternative natural methods! If you don't believe it, read more! Advocates of "Sickness based Health Care" who treat symptoms and NOT the cause or prevention of the disease do not want you to know how life-altering a solid treatment plan can be; a treatment plan without the side effects of inhalers, medications, and expensive doctor visits. Doctors do not want you to know that there are tons of proven methods for alleviating your symptoms and changing your entire life that DOES NOT incur high costs! Using only inhalers and medications for Asthma makes big pharmaceutical companies richer. Expensive medications are GENERALLY unnecessary. So, if a natural treatment is more effective and better for the body, why aren't doctors prescribing Yoga and Acupuncture? This is the very first question most people seeking alternative treatments ask. Its fine to be sceptical, but don't be brainwashed into believing what pharmaceutical companies tell you! Doctors will not prescribe alternative treatments because doctors make too much money off of you! Did you know that doctors get MONETARY benefits from drug companies the more they prescribe a certain medication? It's true! In the United States it is especially true. Physicians and specialists get hefty bonuses, or commissions, based on how often they prescribe medication. Every time you get an inhaler refill, their pockets fill! This is why it is even more important to seek the truth about using alternative natural treatments, and how they can benefit you in more ways than you had ever dreamed of! Okay, so, why aren't companies trying to profit off these so-called treatments? Major companies cannot and will not profit off of natural treatments because they work all too well. Once a person is healthy and well, they no longer have a need for the treatment or drugs or anything else! They keep people on inhalers for Asthma and other medications so that they can continue to profit throughout the lifespan of the individual! Shocking, isn't it? How do I know this information is factual and truly works? While not everything will work for everyone, you can be guaranteed that this book will provide everything you need and more to get started with a lifestyle change. These pages are packed with easy to read information and are easy to incorporate into your life. They have been researched and proven by holistic "doctors" and conventional physicians alike. They are well known in the world of asthma treatment, and you should be satisfied. Just read what Leslie from North Carolina says about NATURAL Asthma Cures and how she broke free from the "doctors" way of treating asthma: "When I was diagnosed with asthma I was afraid I would never be able to run again. Running was my passion and I lived for the thrill of intense sports and activities. I competed in high school for 4 years in cross country, and had recently won a scholarship to UNC. It was my dream coming true! When the doctors told me I couldn't run again my entire world was crushed. I cried for days until I found a solution. This book provided me with endless resources. I was so interested in reading the in-depth articles inside that I forgot about everything else. I chose a combination of the alternative therapies listed and started from there. Yoga was one of the methods I chose, and not only has it improved my Asthma condition, but it has improved my running times too Amazing! I will be forever grateful for this ebook!". - Keep Running Always, Leslie. There are plenty of other people like Leslie that feel as if their entire world was thrown upside down. Some people even have significantly more striking stories, including life or death situations. If you can handle the shocking reality of how rough asthma is, and how seriously it can affect your life, check out this story of a boy that nearly DIED from asthma compl

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