Computational Fluid Dynamics: Principles and Applications

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Elsevier, 2005 - Počet stran: 470
Learning Bursts are practical, interactive e-learning exercises developed by CIMA Publishing with the examiners.

Strategy Simulator contains fun exercises to help you practise organising your answer efficiently and effectively.

It places you in a simulated business environment where you are faced with realistic challenges. You are given an initial company profile and an assignment from your boss. You will analyse the situation and prepare a report on strategic choices.

You are required to:

• Identify relevant data from several environments
• Select and apply the appropriate analysis model
• Derive insights from the use of the model and make justified recommendations
• Create a structured report that meets the requirements of the assignment

Your boss will give you feedback, and let you know if you need to study the options again!

Crucial skills developed are the building of strong reports with conclusions backed up by analysis of the available information. This is often overlooked, so polish up your skills now to ensure they come up to scratch on exam day.

CIMA Strategy Simulator contains 4 modules, identified by and developed with the examiners as key:

Environmental Analysis
Stakeholder Analysis
Value-Chain Analysis
Balanced Scorecard

Learning Bursts are web-based products, access is granted for 90 days from date of purchase.
You need 'Flash' installed on your PC to run Learning Bursts.
VAT is payable on Learning Bursts. Total payable £23.50

• Brings Business Strategy analysis and formation to life
• Practice identifying relevant data, applying analysis tools and creating clear reports
• Revise the theory and rehearse the technique needed for exam success

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