Concrete from Sand Molds: A Practical Treatise Explaining a Simple System of Molding Ornamental and Plain Concrete Or "cast Stone" with Molds of Wet Sand ...

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N. W. Henley Publishing Company, 1910 - 145 стор.

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Сторінка 3 - Commutator Construction. By WM. BAXTER, JR. The business end of any dynamo or motor of the direct current type is the commutator. This book goes into the designing, building, and maintenance of commutators, shows how to locate troubles and how to remedy them; everyone who fusses with dynamos needs this.
Сторінка 2 - A New Sketching Paper. A new specially ruled paper to enable you to make sketches or drawings in isometric perspective without any figuring or fussing. It is being used for shop details as well as for assembly drawings, as it makes one sketch do the work of three, and no workman can help seeing just what is wanted. Pads of 40 sheets, 6x9 inches.
Сторінка 2 - PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE. By RICHARDS and COLVIN. Shows just how to make all kinds of mechanical drawings in the only practical perspective isometric. Makes everything plain so that any mechanic can understand a sketch or drawing in this way. Saves time in the drawing room, and mistakes in the shops. Contains practical examples of various classes of work 60 cents SELF-TAUGHT MECHANICAL DRAWING AND ELEMENTARY MACHINE DESIGN. By FL SYLVESTER, ME, Draftsman, with additions by ERIK OBERG, associate editor...
Сторінка 1 - ... making ornamental concrete without molds has long been held as a secret, and now, for the first time, this process is given to the public. The book reveals the secret and is the only book published which explains a simple, practical method whereby the concrete worker is enabled, by employing wood and metal templates of different designs, to mold or model in concrete any Cornice, Archivolt, Column, Pedestal, Base Cap, Urn or Pier in a monolithic form — right upon the job. These may be molded...
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Сторінка 20 - THREADS AND THREAD CUTTING. By COLVIN and STABEL. This clears up many of the mysteries of thread-cutting, such as double and triple threads. internal threads. catching threads. use of hobs. etc. Contains a lot of useful hints and several tables.
Сторінка 22 - It is the standard work on Hardening, Tempering, and Annealing Steel of all kinds. This book tells how to select, and how to work, temper, harden, and anneal steel for everything on earth. It...

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