Condensed Materia Medica

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Page 235 - Paroxysmal cutting and burning pains in both kidneys, the region very sensitive to the slightest touch, alternating with pain in tip of penis ; urging to urinate ; painful evacuation, by drops, of bloody urine, and at times, of pure blood.
Page 13 - Intense pain as if a bolt had been driven from neck to vertex, worse at every throb of the heart.
Page 158 - Cutting stitches in the outer muscles of right thigh, just above the knee, only when sitting. Pain in thighs and legs as if beaten, and as if carious ; fine shooting and gnawing along the bones, with violent tearing in the joints ; pain gradually rises...
Page 418 - Menses too frequent and profuse in women who are feeble from loss of blood ; flow passive, dark, coagulated, offensive.
Page 631 - Oversensitiveness, every harmless word offends, every little noise frightens, anxious and beside themselves, cannot bear the least, even suitable, medicine.
Page 420 - Falling off of the hair, with very sore, painful pimples, and large bald spots on the scalp.
Page 151 - Violent throbbings in the brain, from behind forward and toward both sides; the throbbing ends on the surface in painful shootings. Jerking headache, extremely violent on walking quickly, or ascending stairs rapidly; at every step a jolt downward, as if a weight were in the occiput. Frequently obliged to stand still in walking, from the violence of the pain in the forehead; at every step seemed as if the brain rose and fell in the forehead; pain relieved by pressing strongly on forehead.
Page 335 - Violent colicky, cutting, drawing pains in the abdomen ; abdomen drawn in ; colic not increased by pressure. Violent spasms in abdomen and upper and lower limbs, with penetrating, distressing screams. Intussusception of the bowels, with singultus, violent colic, stercoraceous vomiting and great agony.
Page 465 - Deep excavated sore, with a reddish areola, and containing a yellow tenacious matter, at the root of the uvula. Uvula and tonsils red, swollen, painful (ßell.), and finally ulcerated (Apis., Merc.), surrounding tissues dark, livid and swollen. (Ail, Bap.) Sensation of a hair in the fauces. (On tongue, Nat. m.) Sensation of a' plug in the throat, not relieved by swallowing.
Page 463 - Violent shooting pain from root of nose along left orbital arch to extreme angle of eye, with dim sight, like a scale on the eye; begins in morning, increases till noon, and ceases toward evening.

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