Confessions of an Opera Singer

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Page 58 - American students in Europe. Amongst all the hundreds of vocal students I have known, I never met one case of flagrant misbehaviour. In general the girls live quietly and strive according to their lights, though there is not one in twenty with resolution enough to concentrate on the hard work necessary for a great career. The temptation is to fritter away both time and money on the things that don't matter.
Page 57 - But the foreign student of singing does not ordinarily come into contact with these institutions. In the Paris vocal studios, as I know them, there is a dissipation instead of a conservation of energy. The students expect to win the crown without running the race, and money and influence play too great a role. They (vocal students, I mean) tend to exaggerate their little emotions into grandes passions, and —57— hold the most disproportionate views of their own importance.
Page 74 - ... causing his irritability — restrained upon one subject — to explode still less justifiably in connection with other matters ; at least, during yesterday's sitting of the Military Committee, Herr von Prokesch used such violent language to me, d propos of an insignificant detail, that I was obliged to tell him he had no right to speak to me in such a manner, nor would I for a moment put up with his doing so.
Page 28 - Friends of mine in the church, Frank Smith Jones and his wife, offered to finance me through my years of preparation and for as long afterwards as I might need their aid. These real friends were —28— behind me for years, and I owe them more than I could ever repay.
Page 29 - They made it possible for me to have my sister with me, for me, a rather delicate girl, an inestimable benefit.
Page 44 - Her power of suggestion in those days was capable of conveying any shade of thought or delicate mood to the spectator.
Page 57 - French life. There is no lack of sincerity in the real French institutions, the Conservatoire, the schools of art, the Sorbonne — there are found concentration, competition, and keenness enough. But the foreign student...
Page 46 - North, to some extent, but quite near Kentucky, this issue was also raised, to some extent. The schools were attempting to put both groups under one roof, but it seemed to me that there was a great deal of segregation among the pupils themselves. The Negroes and the whites kept to themselves. Certain schools became known as Negro schools. Many racial groups go there, with minority groups, such as Italians, which I think is too bad. It seems to me that in many communities we have been unable to achieve...
Page 28 - No one would engage me without experience and no one would give me an opportunity to become experienced.

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