Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1901
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Seite 360 - The southern classification, which, speaking in general, applies in the territory east of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio and Potomac Rivers...
Seite 363 - County Loaded at mines for shipment Sold to local trade and used by employees Used at mines for steam and heat Made into coke Total quantity Total value Average price per ton Average number of days active Average number of employees Bureau .... Christian.
Seite 854 - In connection with the former working of this mine, a shaft has been sunk to a depth of 100 feet, and...
Seite 631 - No preparation is necessary for its combustion and no residue is left. It is easily distributed in pipes to points of consumption many miles distant, and no known method for the distribution of power equals in economy that of the transportation of a gaseous fuel in pipes. The...
Seite 13 - GENERAL, REMARKS. The varied character of the units of measurement employed in the mineral industry makes it impossible to compare the outputs of the several minerals except in the value of the products. The figures given in the following summary show a continuation of the remarkable activity in the mineral industries 'of the United States noted in 1900.
Seite 435 - County. Loaded at mines for shipment. Sold to local trade and used by employees. Used at mines for steam and heat. Made into coke. Total product.
Seite 277 - Alabama on the south, having a length northeast and southwest of over 900 miles and a width ranging from 30 to 180 miles; (3) the Northern field, which is confined exclusively to the central part of Michigan; (4) the Central field, embracing the coal areas in Indiana, Illinois, and western Kentucky; (5) the Western field, including the coal areas west of the Mississippi River, south of the forty-third parallel of north latitude, and east of the Rocky Mountains...
Seite 277 - Nebraska," approved March 28, 1882— That the northern boundary of the State of Nebraska shall be, and hereby is, subject to the provisions hereinafter contained, extended so as to include all that portion of the Territory of Dakota lying south of the forty-third parallel of north latitude and east of the...
Seite 87 - ... displacement of manual labor completely changed the relative strength of employers and employees; and to this is due, in large measure, the failure of strikes in the large Bessemer works, and in certain localities — particularly in the East — the complete subjugation of labor to the employers. 1 The first Bessemer steel rails made in the United States were rolled at the North Chicago rolling-mill on May 24, 1865; but not until 1867 was any considerable quantity made. From 2550 net tons in...
Seite 74 - ... century and our steel-rail industry in the fourth quarter. Until we began to make our own iron rails and afterwards our own steel rails foreign manufacturers charged us excessive prices for such rails as we could afford to import. Both the industries mentioned had at the first to struggle for their very existence against foreign competition, the early duties on foreign iron rails and afterwards on foreign steel rails not being sufficiently protective, but in the end the control of the home market...

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