Connectionist Models of Neurocognition and Emergent Behavior: From Theory to Applications - Proceedings of the 12Th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop

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World Scientific, 2012 - Cognition - 380 pages
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This volume collects together most of the papers presented at the Twelfth Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW12) held in 2010 at Birkbeck College (England). The conference invited submissions on neurocomputational models of all cognitive and psychological processes. The special theme of this conference was OC From Theory to ApplicationsOCO, which allowed submissions of pure theoretical work and of pure applied work. This topic extended the boundaries of the conference and highlighted the extent to which computational models of cognition and models in general are integrated in the cognitive sciences. The chapters in this book cover a wide range of research topics in neural computation and psychology, including cognitive development, language processing, higher-level cognition, but also ecology-based modeling of cognition, philosophy of science, and real-world applications."

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Introduction Eddy J Davelaar
An EcologyBased Approach to Perceptual Modelling E L Byrne D P A Corney and R B Lotto
Early Development of Visual Abilities Alessio Plebe
A Dynamical Neural Simulation of Featurebased Attention And Binding in a Recurrent Model of the Ventral Stream D G Harrison and M De Kamps
Assessing the Role of Attentional Cues in Infant Learning Daniel Yurovsky Rachel Wu Chen Yu Natasha Z Kirkham and Linda B Smith
The Importance of Low Spatial Frequencies for Categorization of Emotional Facial Expressions L Lopez P Bonin N Vermeulen A Meot and M Merm...
Modeling Speech Perception with Restricted Boltzmann Machines Michael Klein Louis ten Bosch and Lou Boves
Early Language as Multimodal Learning Nadja Althaus and Denis Mareschal
Modelling Free Recall A Combined ActivationBuffer and DistributedContext Model Anat Elhalal and Marius Usher
Inference Ontologies and The Pump of Thought Andrzej Wichert
Modelling Correlations in Response Inhibition Richard P Cooper and Eddy J Davelaar
A First Approach to an Artificial Networked Cognitive Control System Based on the Shared Circuits Model of Sociocognitive Capacities A Sanchez B...
Digital Typology Modelling of Cognitive Abilities Agnès Garletti
Using Enriched Semantic Representations in Predictions of Human Brain Activity Joseph P Levy and John A Bullinaria
A Neurocomputational Account of Developmental Regression in Autism Michael SC Thomas Victoria CP Knowland and Annette KarmiloffSmith
How do We use Computational Models of Cognitive Processes? T Stafford

A Multimodal Temporal Connectionist Model Abel Nyamapfene
Learning the Visual Word Code T Hannagan and J Grainger
What are The Functional Units in Reading? Evidence for Statistical Variation Influencing Word Processing Alastair C Smith and Padraic Monaghan
Testing Computational Accounts of Response Congruency in Lexical Decision Sebastian Loth and Colin J Davis
An Information Theoretic Analysis and A Connectionist Model Stefan L Frank
Some Issues in Computational Modelling Occams Razor and Hegels Hair Gel Richard Shillcock Matthew Roberts Hamutal Kreiner and Mateo Obregon
How is Hair Gel Quantified? Mark A Pitt and Jay I Myung
What do Humanoid Robots Offer to Experimental Psychology? Jochen J Steil

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