Connectionist Models of Neurocognition and Emergent Behaviour: From Theory to Applications : Proceedings of the 12th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop, Birkbeck, University of London, 8 - 10 April 2010

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Eddy J. Davelaar
World Scientific, 2012 - Computers - 380 pages
Introduction / Eddy J. Davelaar -- An ecology-based approach to perceptual modelling / E. L. Byrne, D. P. A Corney and R. B. Lotto -- Early development of visual abilities / Alessio Plebe -- A dynamical neural simulation of feature-based attention and binding in a recurrent model of the ventral stream / D. G. Harrison and M. De Kamps -- Model selection for eye movements : assessing the role of attentional cues in infant learning / Daniel Yurovsky ... [et al.] -- The importance of low spatial frequencies for categorization of emotional facial expressions / L. Lopez ... [et al.] -- Modeling speech perception with restricted Boltzmann machines / Michael Klein, Louis ten Bosch and Lou Boves -- Early language as multimodal learning / Nadja Althaus and Denis Mareschal -- From Motherese to one-word and two-word child language : a multimodal temporal connectionist model / Abel Nyamapfene -- Learning the visual word code / T. Hannagan and J. Grainger -- What are the functional units in reading? Evidence for statistical variation influencing word processing / Alastair C. Smith and Padraic Monaghan -- Testing computational accounts of response congruency in lexical decision / Sebastian Loth and Colin J. Davis -- Sentence comprehension as mental simulation : an information-theoretic analysis and a connectionist model / Stefan L. Frank -- Modelling free recall - a combined activation-buffer and distributed-context model / Anat Elhalal and Marius Usher -- Inference, ontologies and the pump of thought / Andrzej Wichert -- Modelling correlations in "response inhibition" Richard P. Cooper and Eddy J. Davelaar -- A first approach to an artificial networked cognitive control system based on the shared circuits model of sociocognitive capacities / A. Sanchez Boza and R. Haber Guerra -- Digital typology modelling of cognitive abilities / Agnes Garletti -- Using enriched semantic representations in predictions of human brain activity / Joseph P. Levy and John A. Bullinaria -- Variability in the severity of developmental disorders : a neurocomputational account of developmental regression in autism / Michael SC Thomas, Victoria CP Knowland and Annette Karmiloff-Smith -- How do we use computational models of cognitive processes? / T. Stafford -- Some issues in computational modelling; Occam's razor and Hegel' hair gel / Richard Shillcock ... [et al.] -- How is hair gel quantified? / Mark A. Pitt and Jay I. Myung -- What do humanoid robots offer to experimental psychology? / Jochen J. Steil

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Introduction Eddy J Davelaar
An EcologyBased Approach to Perceptual Modelling E L Byrne D P A Corney and R B Lotto
Early Development of Visual Abilities Alessio Plebe
A Dynamical Neural Simulation of Featurebased Attention And Binding in a Recurrent Model of the Ventral Stream D G Harrison and M De Kamps
Assessing the Role of Attentional Cues in Infant Learning Daniel Yurovsky Rachel Wu Chen Yu Natasha Z Kirkham and Linda B Smith
The Importance of Low Spatial Frequencies for Categorization of Emotional Facial Expressions L Lopez P Bonin N Vermeulen A Meot and M Merm...
Modeling Speech Perception with Restricted Boltzmann Machines Michael Klein Louis ten Bosch and Lou Boves
Early Language as Multimodal Learning Nadja Althaus and Denis Mareschal
Modelling Free Recall A Combined ActivationBuffer and DistributedContext Model Anat Elhalal and Marius Usher
Inference Ontologies and The Pump of Thought Andrzej Wichert
Modelling Correlations in Response Inhibition Richard P Cooper and Eddy J Davelaar
A First Approach to an Artificial Networked Cognitive Control System Based on the Shared Circuits Model of Sociocognitive Capacities A Sanchez B...
Digital Typology Modelling of Cognitive Abilities Agnès Garletti
Using Enriched Semantic Representations in Predictions of Human Brain Activity Joseph P Levy and John A Bullinaria
A Neurocomputational Account of Developmental Regression in Autism Michael SC Thomas Victoria CP Knowland and Annette KarmiloffSmith
How do We use Computational Models of Cognitive Processes? T Stafford

A Multimodal Temporal Connectionist Model Abel Nyamapfene
Learning the Visual Word Code T Hannagan and J Grainger
What are The Functional Units in Reading? Evidence for Statistical Variation Influencing Word Processing Alastair C Smith and Padraic Monaghan
Testing Computational Accounts of Response Congruency in Lexical Decision Sebastian Loth and Colin J Davis
An Information Theoretic Analysis and A Connectionist Model Stefan L Frank
Some Issues in Computational Modelling Occams Razor and Hegels Hair Gel Richard Shillcock Matthew Roberts Hamutal Kreiner and Mateo Obregon
How is Hair Gel Quantified? Mark A Pitt and Jay I Myung
What do Humanoid Robots Offer to Experimental Psychology? Jochen J Steil

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